Uber Alles:

The tales of the Geneva Shore Report Uber driver.

Deep snow covered the roads early Monday morning outside Lake Geneva. I got a ping on the app for someone needing a lift out across 12 miles of snow covered country roads. I arrived at the location according to my GPS reading. The road had run out, and there were no mail boxes. I slowly drove back up the dead end road looking for a mail box with an address number. Half a mile later I found an address that was not covered up by snow. I stopped in the middle of the road and, using the Uber app, I called the party.   Her name was Marie.  Her phone rang and rang, but I received no answer, instead the phone went to voice mail.  I looked at the application process to see if I was at the right location. My phone rings. Marie is on the line asking if I had just passed by her driveway.  Getting my bearings, I asked if it was a private drive I was on, reminding her that the snow was covering everything. I needed a landmark. Marie said it was very easy to spot her drive because it was next to a red barn. I looked up and around. I signed. I could see seven barns. I nosed into three places until I find a covered over driveway next to another red barn. It took an hour to make the drive and find Marie waiting on the snow covered porch of her farm house. She said she wanted to go to the Walmart in Burlington. I told her that Walmart’s were all the same and what was wrong with the one in Lake Geneva. Marie said that I knew nothing about Walmarts, so I drove her all the way to Burlington. I told her I’d wait, but she said she’d call another Uber driver that knew directions and Walmarts better. She left me no tip. I drove home, thinking about how to get to know Walmarts better without necessarily going into them.


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