Uber Alles:

The tales of the Geneva Shore Report Uber driver.

Wow, March is here, bringing a strong weekend with people flowing in from all around. Events like the NRA Dinner auction, the train show in Delavan, and some party there that booked the whole Baymont Hotel. Drinking dancers upstairs, revelers down in the lobby, and in and out of all the rooms. People flocked in from around the nation. I made trips from Lake Geneva to Elkhorn; and from Williams Bay to Delevan; and then from Alpine valley to Pell Lake. On into the night.

Oh, but what a night…because of daylight saving time. Try to explain to a car full of drunks that the time is not what they are reading on their watches, that the time on their cell phones is the correct time since they adjust automatically to the time change. Tips generated by my ‘special’ information on time flew in. Hotels to bars and from there to strip clubs. Customers were calling in from Pell Lake to get to strip club before the 3:30 closing times. My special time knowledge let them know it would be 3:30 because of daylight saving time coming in at two a.m. Sunday morning. Ordinarily bars all close in Wisconsin at 2:30 on weekends or 2:00 during the week. Drinking enough alcohol prevented many people from understanding that the new 3:30 was the old 2:30, except for the detail of the change.

I picked up a couple in Pell Lake after the Uber app beeped. They were having an argument. They argued all the way home to somewhere outside of Elkhorn. She wanted to go home and he wanted to stop at a bar. The woman kept hitting my right shoulder to make her point and get my agreement. I lied and said I had another ride and they had to decide. I finally got them home and out of my car. I went to my own home and collapsed. The next morning, I got up and climbed into a hot shower. It felt wonderful until I got out. While toweling off looked in the mirror. My right shoulder was all bruised. As an Uber driver you learn that you can be beaten up by people who don’t even know they are hurting you.

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