Living Here

When will Highway 50 be done? Pick a date. How about the 12th. You ask the 12th of when? The 12th of Never. At least that is a date (although fictitious), which is more than we ever got from Dan Winkler. At least he did give adequate warning about the road being closed. It was about ten months ago that the sign at the base of the hill warned about planned road closing, and to plan an alternate route because the road was going to be closing soon.

Have you planned your alternate route yet? Probably not, but because of Dan’s foresight and giving us the early warning, there is still plenty of time for you to plan your alternate route. But in the meantime, please enjoy the beautiful ride up and down Catholic Hill, because a view like this can’t last forever. This is what happens when progress is poorly planned.


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Terry O’Neill

Cartoon Chapter 13 Terry O'Neill

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