Uber Alles:

The tales of the Geneva Shore Report Uber driver.


By the look of what was left I knew it must be a possum. Sitting by the side of the road waiting for a tow truck with my ride from the airport, because of being hit by a possum, wasn’t funny. Or rather, swerving all over the road to miss hitting a possum, but finally hitting it, anyway. Under the car. No damage but my fabulously dependable Ubermobile quit. Just like that. A couple of clicking sounds, and then nothing but a silent coasting ride for about an eighth of a mile, followed by trying to find an auto repair shop doing business on Highway 43.

My ride had come in to Mitchell and, after being weather delayed for a twenty-four hours, was in no mood to be further put off by some sort of possum excuse. My swerving was just bad driving, and the dead creature next to the road could never have stopped a car. Valid complaints, both, except the facts didn’t seem nearly as evident as they should have been. Krohn’s Towing came to get the car, but not before one of GSR’s employees showed up with a replacement vehicle. The only vehicle available in the car pool at that time was a Mercedes 600 limousine.

The rider changed from a grumpy middle-aged businessman into a member of the aristocratic upper class, as soon as the soft leather of the Mercedes back seat closed around his portly body. “You can stop at a friend’s house, if you will, before we make it to my home. If that’s extra, then I’ll pay you in cash.” We stopped at his friend’s house. The friend’s wife and two small kids came out after he went in. They wanted to ride around in the limo. The cash for that, and the cash for the tip made for a great day, especially when the big boss at the paper let me use the limo until my own car is fixed.

I figure that will be sometime in August, or maybe December. I got home after having the Mercedes washed and polished. I went to work looking up all the great things I could find about possums on the Internet. I love possums. I may get one as a pet, although I’m not letting him anywhere near the Mercedes.

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