The Bright Side

Mike Kocourek speaks to the Governor.
Mike Kocourek, one of Lake Geneva’s greatest entrepreneurs and business property owners, took a trip up north to Eagle River, Wisconsin last week. His objective, other than visiting the nine business properties he’s purchased up there, was to both attend, and speak at, a meeting of the Wisconsin Economic Development Board. Mike was asked to say a few words to the gathered notables. The speech he gave, with Scott Walker present, was about how it was his intention to build Eagle River into a destination. It was about how automatic driving and electric cars are going to change everything. They will move much of what is considered urban destinations today out into the country-sides of America. It is incumbent upon the communities waiting out there (without knowing they are waiting for anything) to get ready. Mike is dead set on making beautiful, ambient and currently small places in the country over into vacation destinations in order to attract these new visitors. Brilliant stuff Mike.

Cartoon of Week
by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill

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