The Bright Side

In the City of Lake Geneva, about once every ten years, there is an attempt at political change.
It is normally ignited by a local issue in which residents and the City Council are out of tune. Some attempts at change, or the prevention of change have succeeded; whereas, others have failed. But even in failing the attachments have left a lasting impact. Two good examples are the commercial and residential expansion of the city to the east along Edwards Blvd. and the city’s annexation of the Hummel property.

The majority of the city residents approved and supported the Edwards Blvd expansion, and it has been quite successful; whereas, the majority of the residents opposed the annexation of the Hummel property and there is still a lingering bitterness over the city’s annexation of that property which still remains undeveloped. Today’s political issue is over the Hillmoor property and like the opposition to the annexation of the Hummel property, the residents and the city council are on opposite sides, but that may be changing. The Hillmoor issue is the reason that almost all city council seats that are up for election are being challenged. This is in contrast to the last few elections when most city council positions ran unopposed. Hillmoor is the issue, but it is really only a symptom of a larger problem.

Multi-year incumbents have a different perspective, and instead of trying to do what is best for residents, they tend to do what they view as best for the city. Although there should be no contradiction between these two views, in reality, there is. The purpose of government is to benefit and protect the residents (people and businesses) and not the other way around where adding more people and businesses is seen as means of benefitting and growing the government. That difference in thinking puts business and residential expansion and growth as a city’s primary focus, not the city’s residents. So to speak, it has been.

More business, more people, more government!

As a reminder to current officials and those who may be newly elected “The primary purpose of government is to benefit and protect the residents.” and if your actions are not doing that, then who are you benefitting and why?

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