The outright lies jammed down the throat of our culture by the mass media do not find themselves primarily in politics. The mundane life events are much more common. This morning, in the front section of the NY Times, there’s a two-page story (with tons of photos) about a guy who was shot in the Las Vegas mass killing. He was hit badly and took a while to come back.

What’s his, and the Times’ story? Well, the slant is that the man does not want to live his life perceived as a victim, and have that killing act define him or his existence on the planet. Say what? He not only grants the NY Times permission to write and run this ridiculously attention-getting story, he sends in a bunch of photos of the event taken by people who appeared to care before and after the shooting. He’s at the center of every picture. He does not want to be defined by the event except that he, with the help of the Times, is certainly defining the event as his, and nearly his alone. The Times goes with this fiction and so does the person “seeking privacy, anonymity and the right to be left alone.” This case reminds me of legal lawsuits where the relatives of those badly hurt or killed have to sue to make sure whatever happened does not happen to someone else. It’s never about the money they will get. Horse crap. The guy giving the shooting story to the Times knows a good thing when he sees it, and next to item come will be his book about how he simply must have more anonymity and privacy in order to survive…oh, and he will certainly give out his home address so the money can be expressed to the right place.

In Hawaii, the population there had a bogus nuclear missile attack. Another lie accepted and transmitted by the mass media. Whoever was responsible for that did it so everyone could remember what it was like to live in the fifties after the Russians got the bomb. Little children learned that they, indeed, could not really fit under their desks unless beaten harshly by Maryknoll Nuns. So, our lives were ‘saved,’ not from Soviet bombing, but the treatment by the Nuns, according to the Nuns. The cuts sealed over and the bruises healed. We did it all the time and it became just another painful Catholic game. Of course, the Russians don’t threaten nuclear war now, instead, we have a president with scrambled eggs for brains (look close, the giant orange used car salesman comb-over hides the egg beater still sticking out of his skull). His insanity was joined by others out in Hawaii the other day, seeking attention by scaring the public. No, it wasn’t a drill or an accident. They did it on purpose because, as Trump demonstrates daily, some human beings are so bereft of attention that they will do absolutely anything to get it. That the North Koreans only have atomic, and not hydrogen bombs, is of no consequence.

Atomic bombs are huge in comparison to hydrogen bombs, and much easier to make. The NK forces also have no missile capable of reaching the Hawaiian Islands, or guidance systems sophisticated enough to target anything if they did. It’s a no never mind. The Koreans must be the new war culture we oppose because we’ve bombed and droned every other candidate back to the stone age…even when they were already living in the stone age. This military industrial complex cannot maintain itself or grow, without a credible enemy. The Taliban, Al Qaida, ISIS, and ISIL all fell apart over time. Boring. So, North Korea was chosen as the most likely to succeed. If you don’t have a desk at home then a computer table will suffice to get under. If you don’t have a Maryknoll Nun handy to beat the crap out of you to get you under there, then a long-term husband or wife will do, and get just as much pleasure as the Nuns got way back then in doing the beating.

What can be done by a discerning public to prevent the wholesale running down whatever narrow communication corridor that the mass media wants us to?

Put the brakes on. Stop believing so much of the written word, and the text used to describe the action in any video or film you are being shown. Shut off the volume, and then look at what you can see for yourself. It is the action that rules every cultural and social landscape. Every means the mass media keeps close to its chest has little to do with the action you may be shown. Pay attention to the physics, and not so much the commentary or other antics magicians and ‘communicators’ have designed to keep you from noticing what is really going in.

~ James Strauss


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