The Bright Side

We have little remembrances of those who went before us, as there will be little remembrances of us by those who follow us, and little remembrance of them by those who follow them. Although each generation is built on the efforts, accomplishments and failures of the past, and each starts with a dependency on the prior generation, each generation, like individuals, has itself as a primary focus, and only as it matures does it develop a secondary focus on the generation to follow. The transition between generations is gradual and peaceful (except in times of moral, social, religious or economic upheaval), with several generations living in semi isolation at the same time. In each generation there are a handful of new leaders, idols and businesses that emerge to represent the essence of that generation, but they too fade with their generation along with the deteriorating structures that they built.

One by one each generation and their structures cease to be, until only a few structures if they are maintained by the following generations, will remain. A generation’s time passes in a linear series of repeating cycles with each day being similar, but unique, as it travels its path from its beginning to its end. With time its impact either diminishes or becomes an integral part of life. The driving force behind each generation is “I need” or “I want,” and those who control that “need” or “want,” or access to same are in charge and control of that generation. For most of civilized society, who is in charge has been determined by the following four things:

1.) Individual effort;

2.) The wealthy;

3.) The government;

4.) Organized Crime, but not necessarily in any particular order.

So, who is in charge of our local government? Those with Money, because money and the control it has over people is the underlying power and motivating force for all four groups. Those that have money direct, and those who are after it, do what those with money want. It is that simple. We all know this, but sometimes it is important to point out the obvious, because like the air we breathe, we don’t always realize how dependent on money we are until there is none. W also don’t understand how addicted the government is to spending until we see how willing we are to sacrifice principles, and the future of the lake, to obtain a few extra tax dollars by annexing the Geneva Inn properties.


A Bright Smile and Great Service

Stephanie Jansen Jo Jo's Pizza and Pasta

Stephanie Jansen, the wonderful waitress at Jo Jo’s Pizza and Pasta, in Delavan, is our grandest person this week. Stephanie is a terrific ‘personality-filled’ waitress, and very much appreciated by her many returning and loyal customers. Stephanie makes you feel like your dining with her as part of your family or good friends. She makes everyone laugh, and feel at home. Go to Jo Jo’s and add her to your family.



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