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The Russians may not have done it.
What if it was simply old people? What if the Russian hack was unnecessary because of geriatrics? The Geneva Shore Report received an unsubstantiated report last week, submitted in writing by three citizens currently living in assisted care facilities. These geriatrics had a bone to pick and they thought that the GSR was likely the only media outlet that would air their complaint. What was the complaint? These three alleged that they, and all the citizens in their center, voted by absentee ballot. They alleged that those ballots were distributed for signature, but not for voting. The votes were made by the owners of the care facilities.

Now, right off the bat there’s a problem with their complaint. You see, the people who hand out those ballots also collect them and they do it in person. Under Wisconsin statute 6.875 the residents of care facilities (like in 22 other states) can only be assisted by a specially trained deputy or a family member. The other states, almost all republican states, require nothing at all. How many voters are ‘inside’ these facilities? About seven million. Let’s presume that this complaint (although it is always hard to vet such claims by really old people because so many times they have lost the ability to fabricate or lie) isn’t valid because of Wisconsin law. What about the millions voting in those other states?

Forget the Russian hack. Start watching the television series called Better Call Saul and maybe you will have an answer about what happened in the last election. The premise here evidenced is that a man was elected president without the support of women, Mexicans, Hispanics, Blacks, Gays, Asians or anybody else other than lily white pick-up drivers driving around with “no fear” bumper stickers and gun racks. That result was simply not possible unless something dark, suspicious and old-age sneaky was going on. These really old people, who are receiving the assistance of their totally republican facility owners, are having one last shot at a system they feel abandoned them to arcane ‘care’ facilities for life. Or death. Take your pick. Maybe. The GSR is investigating deeper.

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Lake Town Hound Pet Care

There’s a new pet service in Walworth County for our furry friends. Lake Town Hound Mobile Grooming Service is a convenient and high-tech spa. This truck comes to you whether at home or work, rain or snow, to take care of your pets grooming needs. Rumor has it, your furry friend will leave with a wagging tail.
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