December 16, 2015




The Lake Geneva City Council voted unanimously on Monday night to deny, and close the door on the current proposal to turn Hillmoor into a private cesspool.   Actually, mayoral hopeful Sarah Hill voted to abstain (which under council rules is the same as a vote against) so as to keep her political options open, and all the other city council members voted no, even Mr. Kupsic who’s also seeking the mayoral office, being vacated by Jim Connors. Mr. Kupsic didn’t appear fazed in the least that his no vote might hurt him in the coming election.

“Look at me, I’m going to be the next mayor of Lake Geneva!” stated Sarah Hill (in a manner of speaking) to the citizens of Lake Geneva last month. Like the hare in Aesop’s fable, The Tortoise and the Hare, Hill’s jack rabbit start was meant to scare off any would be challengers because she’s the fastest runner the city has seen since the peerless, fearless, and relentless Speedo Condos ran and won four races for mayor in the 1980’s and 1990’s. His skills, insights and strong leadership style have, unfortunately, gone unappreciated and unheralded. Sarah Hill, however, is smart enough to try to emulate his style, as opposed to the “bull in the china shop” methods used by another powerful past candidates. That was Mayor Bill Chesen. Rumors are now spreading that a tortoise has accepted the challenge to run for mayor and oppose fast running Sarah Hill. No, it’s not Bob Kordus, although the alliteration of “Kordus the Tortoise” would be music to GSR and community ears.

Unfortunately, there may not be a hair’s difference between Sarah Hill and Mr. Kordus when it comes to ultra conservative city politics, and a Twiddle Dee Twiddle Dumb race would not only be boring, but would guarantee a questionable outcome. Jim Connors took the mayoral job in 2010 without any idea of how the city was supposed to be run because he was preceded by the power crazed, authoritarian Mayor Chesen who refused to accept the “strong city council/weak mayor” form of government traditionally applied in Lake Geneva. Jealous of Speedo Condos, and the strong leadership qualities that he possessed, mayor (Chesen) resorted to domineering and bullying tactics. He used force and intimidation to destroy anyone or anything that got in his way, including the city council of Lake Geneva at the time.

Alan Kupsic is the man (current alderperson) who’s stepping forth to run against Sarah Hill. Kupsic’s certainly not the person you’d expect to have the confidence to run against someone as glib, artful, intelligent and as fast on her feet as Sarah Hill. If no other candidates take out papers, then the analogy of the race between the tortoise and the hare becomes valid and real. Sarah has to be, excuse the mixed metaphor, chomping at the bit to run against Kupsic for mayor. She has to be thinking she would come out on top of Kupsic in any kind of race or contest, whether it be a debate, discussion, swigging spirits, wrestling match or race for mayor. After all, since Sarah is a realtor with Mike Keefe she could expect to have the powerful pro-growth alliance campaigning for her…or will they bolt for Kupsic? Which of them can bend to the will of Lake Geneva’s ‘faux’ Chamber of Commerce (weak-kneed Development Corporation). Who are those guys anyway? Bid District, ‘alien’ Construction Developers, and most of the real estate people around the lake?

If Alan Kupsic has the wisdom and tenacity to face these serious issues, and to tap into the will and concerns of the citizens of Lake Geneva, he’ll put himself in the race with a realistic chance of winning. He’s not an expressive whirlwind like Sarah Hill (who might possibly be the hare in this coming race), but he could position himself carefully to give the voters the appearance of being the tortoise if he’s willing to stick his neck out (like Pope Francis), by allowing that business and enterprise, as well as politics, are noble vocations as long as they’re in the “service of the common good and not slaves to the economy and finance.”

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