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November 30, 2015


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Lake Geneva City Council Meeting November 30 2015


The Meeting discussed the pros and cons of Amending the City of Lake Geneva Comprehensive Plan
to facilitate a Housing Development

Minute 12-45: Dissertation by local attorney David Williams poorly presenting the Case for Hillmoor Fake Lake Project.
Listening to his stilted rhetoric, one gets the opinion he considers the Lake Geneva Residents somewhat uneducated.
He is followed by a few more opinions expressed by those FOR the proposed Comprehensive Plan Change.

Minute 44-54: Local realtor, Chuck Platz, also argues for the Benefits of such a development.

After the 60 minute mark: Well thought and well articulated rebuttals to proposed project

Maureen Marks discussed “tax revenue” fallacy and other arguments.

James Wilson discussed taxes and threatened Lawsuits.

Bob Schroeder discussed the historic dig on the property.

Mary Jo Fessenmaier  1:39:02 Presented all the Developments that have NEVER been built out and emphasized the
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN should NOT be changed. She also brought up fact the developer is looking for CrowdFunding.

Dick Malmin 1:45:02 A clear presentation regarding GROWTH.
Quote “Taxes from new developments rarely cover the added costs”


Mayor Jim Connors rose to the occasion and
the Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan
was defeated.


Here is the Second Part of the meeting
where actual VOTE on item took Place



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Part 2 Special meeting LAKE GENEVA voting on Comprehensive Plan

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