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Seldom does an unconfirmed rumor make it to the front page of the Geneva Shore Report, but this exception is a doozy. It’s either terrific news or its terrible news.   It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. The “top of the world” comment, making the headlines of this issue, is all about the Towers.

The structure called the “Towers” sits directly across Broad Street from Speedo’s Harborside Cafe, and kitty corner to the tiny Driehaus Park located just in front of the Riviera Pier complex. That building stands as the tallest single structure in the City of Lake Geneva. The complex of the Towers is split into two parts. The lower two floors are dedicated to commercial business. Nobody can live in the first two stories. The remainder of the seven stories is occupied by condominium owners, many who’ve been there since the structure was built years ago. The players in this “top of the world” drama are few. Sal Dimiceli, the realtor, and purveyor of grand generous assistance to the poor and disabled is allegedly a major one. He would act as the realtor in the adventure.

Somehow, Tom Hartz and Jim Connors (former Lake Geneva mayor before Alan Kupsik) are allegedly involved with a charitable organization called “Six-By-Six.” That operation is an extension of a (Lutheran) Church-based group of people that often meet for dinner at Hartz’ Simple Restaurant, located on Broad Street a few blocks north of the Towers structure. Finally, and allegedly as all the rest in this rumor, one of the Hyatt companies is involved.

What’s the rumored project?   A new restaurant. Not just any restaurant. This rumored restaurant would be built on the top of the Towers building. That’s right. A new story would be added to the top of the building, and this restaurant would be Chicago quality, not like any other restaurant in Lake Geneva or around Geneva Lake. A five-star restaurant would sit atop the city’s highest building to mark the place and attract the very cream of the tourist and local population. Trying to figure out what’s really happening with this project is almost impossible because nobody is talking. Would some outside company, even a multi-billion-dollar company, be willing to fall in with the “mixed review” of miscellaneous characters that inhabit the environs of Geneva Lake or not? “Not,” sure comes to the forefront of any rational thinking.

But this rumor is triple confirmed, although certainly not sourced by Tom Hartz, Jim Connors, Sal or any of the rest who might be in line to enjoy a few benefits from such a high priced new tenant in the building. The tenants are claiming to be happy in hearing about this potential new restaurant because the Hyatt has allegedly offered to pay all of their association dues for now, and on into the future. For many of those tenants, that’s a lot of money, not to mention the addition of a restaurant in the building that would be serving five-star food and offering equivalent accompanying service, which is simply not available within the entire greater area of Geneva Lake.

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