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Is the Geneva Inn, and the properties it has accumulated up on that ridge of land hanging over the edge of Lake Geneva like an executioner’s axe blade, for sale again?
The woman who owns Expect a Miracle, a property on the lake not too far from Stone Manor on South Lake Shore Drive, actually went into lengthy negotiations with the Geneva Inn not too long ago. The sticking point ended up being her unwillingness to have the other nearby properties (surrounding the Inn) added to the deal. The deal fell through. The Geneva Inn remained on the market for almost a year following that failed transaction.

A Lake Geneva or Town of Linn resident might ask: what difference does it make? It comes down to motive. What kind of motivation will the owners of the Geneva Inn have at their foundation if they get this rotten annexation deal through, coupled with a much more favorable zoning ordinance, and then topped off with being handed the tip of the Geneva Lake development spear? The value of the property will skyrocket and there will be Hummel, sitting just yards across the road, salivating to the point that pouring drool will be coming down to the bottom of its snout. Hummel will buy the Inn and that will complete the first circle of the witch’s coven.

Cauldron boil and cauldron bubble, as this Lake Geneva enemy of the public swoops in to begin its conversion of Geneva Lake into the kind of weird water park and jungle boat tour that corporations like theirs have made of the Dells. Many people, particularly those who are conservative and fiscally responsible, might agree that the Hummel people should be allowed to make money in any way that suits them. This is America, and the latest national election should put a feather in the cap of that kind of thinking. But what is it that ‘freedom’ is really not freedom at all? What if that freedom involves the destruction of the quiet and peaceful ambiance so many citizens living around the lake enjoy, moved here for, or came to because they were running from a Dells kind of development?

The Geneva Shore Report is watching the annexation issue very closely and nowhere in any of its writings has the Geneva Inn been referred to as a ‘property pimp’ or a real estate ‘prostitute.’ That kind of reference would be unkind, even if it was true. The Inn owners do not drive around the lake in purple Cadillacs with spinners for hub caps, and they don’t come at you wearing spike heels and blond wigs. That they want the public’s money is right there out front and positioned for everyone to see. The owners of the Geneva Inn want to take the true value of the lake, as if it was their very own, and harvest every bit of ambiance, good will, beauty and purity they can get. Just like the consequences of dealing with a pimp or a prostitute, however, there will be something on the other side for the residents, citizens and taxpayers of Lake Geneva.

That something is likely to be termed the same thing a ‘john’ gets from participating in such a metaphorical transaction. If the public needed it that badly, and experienced ravenous craving while staggering around outside in the parking lot of the Sugar Shack, then even the owners of the Geneva Inn (in drag) or Hummel (wearing a blond wig set askew) might not look so bad.   The Geneva Shore Report is standing right here in front of that even to get your attention, and urge you to sober up. These players are coming. And they are not playing tidily winks with manhole covers. They have hired Joe Wirth, a veteran attorney who was part of the late great Mayor Chessen’s defense team (he never went to prison, which was astounding), and that should tell you something. The city, the Town of Linn and the major players are all communicating that they are ready and willing to accept and defend the significant lawsuits that are going to be generated by this annexation. Why? Because they are playing the city and the town for all the chips. They are “all in” and the citizens and residents better be ready to match their bet.

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