The deliberate silence presented to citizens and residents.
Okay, so Channel 25, the channel where Lake Geneva city council meetings were televised, is not gone.  The GSR was mistaken when it wrote that last week.  The paper’s editorial staff hopes that the public will forgive this oversight.  What really happened? 

Well, the trail is winding and the air is murky around exactly what happened. The station is gone without being gone, almost like Ida’s Hair Salon on Center Street,  but no silver bullets have been fired or wooden stakes driven in.  You can still see the channel in your mirror, maybe, but you’re going to have to work at it.  Channel 25 is still there, but not listed anywhere.  And you can’t get it by using your remote to punch in the two numbers.  Nope.  You can only get it by going first to Channel 24 and advancing channels, or to Channel 26 and clicking back down one.

See, it’s still there, even if the words ‘sorta still there’ more aptly apply.

Not Much of a Road Map from the City of Lake Geneva Website

City of Lake Geneva Website

Helpful Instructions?

“Wining” about UPS

UPS Store Lake Geneva

One of the GSR staff members took a special package to the UPS store
and tried to ship it to a Frank in Washington State. UPS won’t ship wine. Alex, the guy who works at the UPS store, wanted to know what was in the box because of the liquid sloshing sound. The GSR staff member told him it was some cheese and brats. Alex’s expression was the result. No wine for Frank.

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