The Big Deal in the Town of Linn

The election is here.  On the 6th of April, the people of Town of Linn, the voters, will decide if they want idiocy and selfish interest to pervade over rational thought and reason.  Intractable and thoughtless Chris Jones is running against the brilliant former oncology nurse Maureen Zimmerman.  Chris Jones, and the second ‘idiot’s in charge,’ is named Tom Leonard.  He’s running against Jim Livingston, a man with real credentials, real education, and life experience (like a credentialed professional engineer and current Town of Linn Commissioner for the sanitary district).  Tom Leonard has no credentials, which, in this day and age, seems to be acceptable in running for elective office.  Jim Livingston is one of the people who’s vitally interested in the Town of Linn, remaining just what it is.  Chris Jones, and her followers, are those that Town of Linn turned into the ‘Farmland of Linn.’

Her expressed wishes, as stated to a reporter of the Geneva Shore Report, are that the current town needs no police, fire, or even street services.  The farmers of the area can provide their own services, according to Chris.  This kind of political idiocy is part of what is happening across the country.  Maureen Zimmerman comes from a background of high intellect and advanced education.  Jim Livingston comes from a similar background in engineering.  Chris Jones, Tom Leonard, and even the city clerk candidate come from almost no credentialed education or life-experienced backgrounds at all.  The rural nature of the Town of Linn comes into play in this political scene.  Many people who live in rural areas of the nation have come to feel that they might be better served by having representatives lead them who are more rural in nature.  The problem with that kind of thinking is that rural does not mean isolated or ignorant anymore.

The town of Linn is one of the most successful financial townships in all of Wisconsin.  The town of Linn is out there in the ‘real’ world of finance and services. Town of Linn needs people to represent it who are of that world, not people who are still listening to the news on an AM radio or a 1995 television set. “We’ve come a long way baby” is a phrase that has meaning in this election.  Christ Jones filed a lawsuit against the very town that elected her previously.  She supported, and in fact led the movement to have the town lose its very certification as a town.  This woman, and her minions (read Tom Leonard and Chuck Roam), are a deadly threat to the existence of the Town of Linn.  The Town of Linn is a very quiet and financially secure place in a country that’s currently in a disorganized nasty mess.  The Town of Linn needs to remain the small area of quiet effectiveness and efficiency that it’s been for so many years.  This is the Geneva Shore Report, but the report is about more than Lake Geneva.

Town of Linn is a very vital partner in Lake Geneva’s success, as it is for the other partners it has around the lake (Walworth, Fontana, Williams Bay, and Town of Geneva, with Bloomfield thrown in).  It is vital to Lake Geneva’s future and future interests to see the Town of Linn run by rational and reasonably qualified people to lead it.  There is no need for the City of Lake Geneva to annex the Town of Linn, but that could certainly happen if Chris Jones and her people get elected.

This is the most important election to take place in many years.  You, as a voter, must get out there and vote.

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