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Geneva Java Coffee Shop closes.
This fixture of downtown Lake Geneva has decided to move on. To where is still in question, but the likely new place is inside an (as yet) undeveloped building somewhere near to where the entrance of Geneva National is off of Highway Fifty. Actually, that’s not that far from the City of Lake Geneva, for those of you that will temporarily miss the down-home-small town nature of that coffee shop.

Chris Ann’s is moving on.
That big successful thrift store, Chris Ann’s Helping Hands, is moving on because the owner’s lease came due and the building owner decided that the custom expensive boat company coming in would pay a whole lot more rent. At least that is what the rumor mill reports. Another thrift store, Penny Pincher’s, in the Town of Walworth is also going away, this one with no intentions of reopening. That one has been open for over forty years! Since the moving information here is all about thrift shops, be aware that The Thrift-In, owned and operated by Sally Nimmow, is moving up from the lower level of the building located at 252 Center Street (and owned by Mike Kocourek, the greatest property owner around the lake) to the first floor. Kocourek figured that her shop is such a class act that it should be the buildings signature business.

Opening soon.
The new Fleet Farm in Delavan has announced their opening day. The ground-breaking ceremony of this massive building took place eight months ago on January 25, 2018. The two thousand square foot building will take some time to stock so new employees are undergoing orientation and training this week to get the large variety of services and thousands of products placed for the grand opening event. The Grand Opening event will take place Saturday, October 20th from 10 a.m. through 2 p.m.

Fleet Farm in Delavan


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