Letters to the Editor

Letter from the Chief of Police in Town of Linn:

We have had an increased amount of issues on the lakeshore path during the COVID situation since a lot of the public park areas have been restricted/closed. I am getting property owner complaints about visitors trespassing on their private properties looking in their windows, to bringing their dogs along, unleashed causing issues, and leaving dog waste behind, etc..

I am putting together some signs to go up at public access points around the lake to remind people to stay respectful of the path. I am also looking to get dog waste bag dispensers, in hopes that will help mitigate dog waste being left behind. If you have any other suggestions, I will happily take them!

Would you be willing with the Geneva Shore Report to relay the below message in your paper and on Facebook to get the word out about visitors respecting the lakefront a little bit more? We would really like to get the word out abroad, and quickly! We deal with this issue year-round, but recently it has been getting to numbers that are making it extremely difficult to manage.

“To all our friends, residents, and visitors in the Geneva Lake area, during this time of COVID, we know there aren’t as many places to go and enjoy the outdoors as you usually would. With the increased use of the lakeshore path around Geneva Lake remembers that you are guests of the lakefront property owners. Alongside respecting social distancing protocols, please be respectful and stay on the path at all times. If you happen to be taking your dog on a walk, remember to clean up after them, and keep them on a leash at all times, which is the law. We want everyone to enjoy the beautiful weather that’s coming upon us, and keep the lake path clean, and enjoyable for everyone here!

If you feel it should be modified at all, I am totally fine with that, I trust your judgment. I want to be conveyed with sincerity, but direct.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Chief James Bushey #7500, Town of Linn Police Department

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