Have masks become a thing of the past?
Many local schools stopped mandating the students and staff to wear them a couple of weeks ago, as they haven’t had a Covid case in some time. Outdoor sports and activities at the schools are back to full capacity, along with clubs and other activities, such as graduation, continuing almost as ‘normal’. Following the schools, most stores, gas stations, restaurants, and businesses no longer require patrons to wear a mask. As you’re walking through a business it’s more common to see people without masks, except for one or two still more comfortable behind the security of a face mask.

Covid cases in Walworth County have been dropping drastically since November. Over the last couple of weeks, the average number of positive cases has been six positive for the virus with hospitalizations staying steady around zero to one case throughout the county. Only 32.22% of the county is fully vaccinated, and this is a very low number when compared to either the nation or Wisconsin as a whole.  Walworth County is a very conservative county, however, and part of the reason for this resistance, since no science supports not getting vaccinated, is likely because of political beliefs.


What needs to be said about this ninety-eight-year-old restaurant on Main Street?  It lives or has lived, at night.  The old restaurant, in the same Greek family for all those years, has never been a place where gourmet food was served.  It’s more the flat iron frying grill kind of place, where the food comes hot, fast but not in the kind of quality package or content that might cause a scout for the Michelin Guide to show up and issue stars.  The place was closed, supposedly because of the virus, and offered for sale.  That idea was quickly dashed when other members of the family decided that neither the property nor the business could be let go.  Well, Harry’s Restaurant is back.  The liquor license was renewed and the place is being brought back just like it was before.  Going inside is like revisiting days of old, sort of like maybe entering the set of Happy Days.  There’s an old-fashioned charm to the place, as well as prices that have not gone ‘south’ like those of so many other restaurants in the downtown area.

Harry’s Cafe

Harry's Cafe Lake Geneva

Harry’s open again.


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