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The public has overwhelmingly objected to the original proposed changes inserted into the comprehensive plan’s update. Changes that include a “study” about the potential closing down of Wrigley Drive, moving the boat launch, rerouting Lake Shore Drive and the handling of future Hillmoor development. The plan commission had to do something because it was not about to change its agenda about the closing down of Wrigley Drive, moving the boat launch, rerouting Lake Shore Drive and the development Hillmoor. The commission needed a different and a kinder, gentler approach to do or accomplish the same goal in a sort of; “if force doesn’t work be nice,” kind of way. The commission needed to show its concern for these proposed changes and for “safety” reasons (including creating and lying about the incidence of children being struck by cars along South Lake Shore Drive running by BigFoot Beach).

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Cartoon by Terry O'Neill

No change was reflected in the final draft of the comprehensive plan, instead phony “studies” were included to look into all these issues. This tricky maneuver keeps the door open to what developers want, and like most people who have ever funded a study know, the results usually reflect what the organization funding the study wants in the way of results.  The people who run such a “study” know that if the study doesn’t provide the results wanted, then the study operation has lost a future client.

These fake studies, however, are likely win-win-win results for Lake Geneva city leaders and Vandewalle & Associates.  The city officials make friends, and their “friends” eventually get what they want, win #1. Vandewalle & Associates gets paid for worthless studies (to which it already knows the answers), which is win #2.  The third win for these people is that they are also able to make the residents that are protesting the abuses pay the bills for all the studies. When leadership members constantly state that they do not have hidden agendas or motives it is a pretty good sign that they do.   When they say things like they must have orderly and respectful communications exhibited by all members of the citizenry attending city meetings like was stated by leadership at last Monday night’s meeting), what is really meant can be summed up by one short phrase: “shut up.”

Person of the Week

Alderman Tim Dunn Lake Geneva

Tim Dunn, Lake Geneva alderperson, ponders on the future of Lake Geneva.

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