Letter to the Editor

There is a point, as the point moves it forms a line (the first dimension), as the line moves it forms a plane (the second dimension), as the plane moves it forms a solid (the third dimension), as the solid moves it forms (the 4th dimension), but being just a point in the third dimension, we see only one dot of the fourth dimension at a time as we move in the fourth dimension.

The alternate paths the point could have taken forms (the 5th dimension). Like each dot, each one of us is unique, yet like the dot, we are all the same. The individual path our dot travels is partly determined by ourselves, partly by others, partly by our environment and the rest by God. Our path is unique and although we are all the same with only our path being different the effect of that path on us has made us all a little different.

But no matter how zigzag our path may be, love and forgiveness make them straight. For narrow is the gate and straight is the way.

Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva resident and former city alderperson

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