The Bright Side

You may not have noticed.
Spectrum, the cable company formerly known as Comcast, has pulled a fast one on most subscribers.  They’ve gone into the news business.  They’ve figured out that reporting the news can influence behavior in the people they reach.  All of them, in that business, have figured this out.  But Spectrum has gone one step further.  In a select group of subscribers, and you may well be one among them, they’ve decided to enter your smart television and default the opening channel, when you get up in the morning, to Spectrum News, no matter what the channel you were watching the night before was on.  That they have the power to do that is revealing.  Only the White House was supposed to be ceded that power in a national emergency, according to the FCC.  That’s the Federal Communications Commission, for those of you who don’t know about the governmental outlet that supposedly controls such things.  In order to go back to the way things were, it is a bit complicated, but we’ve figured that out at the GSR:

Setting “Power on Channel” on Spectrum Cable

1.) With the TV and Cable box on

2.) Press the “MENU” button on the Spectrum remote

3.) Then press the “Down Button” by the (OK/SEL) button until “Settings” is High lighted

4.) Then Press (OK/SEL) “Closed Captions” comes up

5.) Then Press the “Right (OK/SEL)” button times five to get to “Power On Channel”

6.) Then Press the (OK/SEL)

7.) Then using the “UP” and Down” buttons to select your “Power On” channel.

8.) Then Press the (OK/SEL)

9.) Then Press the “EXIT” button

This will return your television to your own control until they figure out another way to mess with your mind.

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