Letters to the Editor

I am writing about your article published on September 19, 2018 edition titled “Common Code Violations”. I agree with your article on some things. My disagreement lies in the disappearance of signs which used to be on the beach house and in the parks. There were visible signs stating that no bicycles, no skateboards, no rollerblades, and no BBQ cooking were allowed in certain parks. The past mayor didn’t want anyone’s feeling to be hurt and ordered them taken down. This is a “Catch 22” situation for police officers.

How can they stop young people from riding their skateboards in the downtown area when there are no signs prohibiting their use? And yet they have confiscated skateboards, bikes, roller blades and fined the offenders $50.00. And for heaven’s sake how can police give tickets for BBQ grills in the park, when there are no signs? It is a dilemma for sure.

Ruth Hackman, Ariel Stunt Kites, Lake Geneva Resident

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