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The Geneva Inn Here’s my fantasy: Geneva Inn property taxes are waived forever but they can never, ever expand, and they must hire a good chef and serve decent food at reasonable prices. Their food is truly horrible. They wouldn’t last in Chicago a week. If their taxes were waived and absorbed by the community, then the threat of annexation wouldn’t hold any weight. Ms. Wright


The Geneva Inn Some of the facts are not right. First of all, you can’t voice your opinion. You can attend. There is a September 3rd Walworth County deadline that is why there is a Town Meeting. I have known about the meeting since Wednesday. I am a resident of the Township of Linn that lives fairly close to the Geneva Inn. And yes, Geneva Shore Report, I will be there that night. I was also there Monday night. I also hope the Town Board will do the right thing. And that is not loose control of this Establishment. I am for The Geneva Inn. I am also an Individual that thinks for herself, and does not let others form my opinion. I am sure I will get rude comments just like Karen, but I really don’t care.‬ Debbie Fischer Dalzell


Town of Linn ‪‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬What would the “original settlers” of Lake Geneva think of these progressive ideas for our beautiful Lake Geneva??? Let’s keep it beautiful…money isn’t always the answer!!! We have lived on this beautiful lake since 1955 in the Town of Linn! ‬ Mary Patricia Genaro Dyer


Town of Linn Now the decent people of Linn Township must get rid of the awful people on the board who would go against their wishes to serve the interests of greed and arrogance. Vote them out! ‬ William Syverson.


School parking lot replacing historic home: A week ago at the public hearing regarding the parking lot issue, school board members and many teachers, ex-principals, etc. stood up and said, “it’s not about parking! It’s about child safety! We don’t care about parking!” They think removing 30 cars from the streets around the school will give more space for the parents to drop off kids safely. Common sense says that the rest of the teachers are going to fill in the parking spots as close as possible to the school door. Child safety problem solved! The school obviously needs help. They need help with strategic thinking and planning! They need help from a traffic flow specialist, (which, by the way, they could have at no cost from the city), and they need to get the parents onboard and insist that the pick-up and drop-off of children be done in an organized manner, just like so many other schools do (I’ve done some research on this). There are alternatives available to them, which will not involve destroying homes, or paving over the play yard. They haven’t done their homework and thought this through. Charlene Klein


The “Lazzaroni” effect. Mike Lazzaroni owns the restaurant located at the South end of Big Foot Beach. He also owns the McMansion located on the bluff across South Lakeshore Drive, as well as the boat rental, slip, and buoy business below. His land is contiguous (abutting) Lake Geneva property. If Mike Lazzaroni applied, it is likely that his land would be annexed from the Town of Linn to Lake Geneva control. The Geneva Inn, and the Big Foot Corporation brought into being by the Inn owners to expand operations, is not contiguous. If, however, the Lazzaroni effect were to occur and Mike applied for annexation, then the Geneva Inn would not have to apply at all. The Inn would be forced, by an agreement signed in 1983 with the City of Lake Geneva, to receive sewer service, which it already does, to annex along with the Lazzaroni property. Game over. What Town of Linn does isn’t nearly as important as what Mike Lazzaroni chooses to do, and he was pretty steamed before the board of the Town of Linn went ahead and killed the Inn’s development plans. As he told Jim Weiss at the planning commission meeting where the initial plan met with approval, “you won’t have this tent mess right next door to your bedroom window!” Lazzaroni was told by Weiss that he was out of order (yes, the same Weiss who told the crowd that there would be no laughing, applause or showing of hands!). Is Lazzaroni still upset? There ought to be a few people visiting Mr. Lazzaroni and begging his indulgence and understanding. The Geneva Shore Report is going to do just that. Mr. Lazzaroni is a very important man to all Lake Geneva residents and visitors. He ought to be treated with great and friendly respect. And no small bit of fear. Charlene Klein





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