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Maxwell Mansion.
Great place, just like Baker House, owned by the same lovely couple, who also own that little motel nearby, too. But what is it about banquets at the Maxwell Mansion, and what are the rules about holding them there, not far from the center of town? The Riviera Pier is zoned for such things, but it’s also substantially removed from the residential area of town. One could argue that Celebrations, located not far from where Maxwell Mansion sits, has had banquets for a long time, and they’ve not caused much in the way of complaints or bother to their residential neighbors. Maxwell Mansion, 1856 was denied an outdoor tent because of their residential situation.

Should they be denied a tent for such occasions? The attempt by the Geneva Inn to build a banquet hall comes instantly to mind. How are the interests of business people buying and developing properties, to be weighed against the needs of property owners already living nearby? Said homeowners might have purchased their property seeking peace and quiet. The commercial owners need to justify their expenditures and development. The residential property owners are in direct opposition (generally) to those commercial needs. Does Maxwell House deserve an outdoor banquet tent addition? Should the Geneva Inn be allowed to build a banquet hall right down on Lake Geneva’s quiet waters? Maybe the key question to be asked, and answered, is “how close do you live to what might be allowed or disallowed?” Bethany, one of the owners of Maxwell House, is one cool and inviting customer and not much gets by her. Might she throw in with the Geneva Inn, and go for annexation in order to be able to fulfill her banquet hall needs?
The answer to that question remains open to speculation.

Unfortunately, those individuals who are have accepted the responsibility of representing Lake Geneva’s citizenry, and running Lake Geneva’s city government, appear to lack certain human emotions concerning their constituents. What has happened to empathy in the dealings of these elected leaders? When the vast majority of the citizenry consistently say “No! Don’t do —-!” and then the government officials consistently “do it” anyway, then this representative form of government is in serious trouble.

Before it gets worse, it may be time to put a restraint on this kind of local government?

The U.S. Constitution restrains all federal government decisions. The Wisconsin state constitution restrains state government, but there is no similar document to allow for the restraint of local governments. The reason that no such authority exists is to give each community the maximum freedom and autonomy to run itself. However, when the representative officials running local government consistently go against the wishes of their own citizens, then it is time to have a mechanism in place to restrain that local government. One means of doing that would be to require an approval vote of the electorate on key issues that determine the future and direction of the entire local community.

Place of the Week

New World Wine Shop Lake Geneva

New World Wine Shop.
Just opened in the little shopping center on Main Street right next to the Bagel Shop. Great
stuff. Angel, who runs it is even greater!


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