Little  Gems

Remember the Tuk-Tuks?
Cindy the owner of a taxi service Cruzin transportation tried to bring these three-wheeled glorified golf carts to Lake Geneva. Cindy introduced the tuks to Lake Geneva boards several times. She spoke in front of the city council to obtain permits, applied for a grant with the tourism commission and presented her plan for approval with the FLR committee. As much as the idea of this micro-mobility option was very much liked Cindy was met with obstacles at every meeting. The last Finance, License, and Regulation meeting Cindy and the Tuks were on the agenda once again. Cindy was directed to bring the appropriate paperwork to the meeting but she was a no show. The item was discussed and more questions were raised regarding the safety of the tuk-tuk vehicles, the disregard Cindy has displayed regarding the rules and regulations the city has for her and her services, and her inability to professionally present her business plan. Cruzin Transportation Tuks may not have a future in Lake Geneva and if it does Cindy will have to get it together and properly present her plan all over again.


Venetian Fest starts today!
The Lake Geneva Jaycees are celebrating the 57th year anniversary of this five-day festival. From August 14th through August 18th in Flat Iron Park, Seminary Park, Library Park and downtown Lake Geneva will be packed with carnival-goers, a craft fair, carnival rides, games, and food vendors. The festival will also have live entertainment on the main stage every night. The grand finale on Sunday will include a traditional Venetian style lighted boat parade and the area’s largest firework display!

Venetian Fest Preparations

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