Sal Demiceli

Sal Demiceli

Some citizens who showed up at the Town of Linn meeting to decide whether the Town’s Comprehensive Plan should be broken spoke with a heartfelt sincerity hard to ignore. Betty Suffrage noted that the Town had been kept up extremely well, as indicated by the fact that the building everyone was meeting in was over a hundred years old. She also said that if the plan were broken for the Geneva Inn, that the expression used in the future would always be “what were we thinking?” Sal Demiceli, the man famous for helping so many poor people, stepped away from that important role to be the only person speaking out in support of breaking up the plan and favoring the Geneva Inn over everyone and everything else. He failed to note that he might be the real estate mogul (using his real estate license and business) to put the whole thing together. He proved that there is nothing wrong with being a bit self-serving here and there.

The Panco’s spoke eloquently with emotion. Aging World War II veteran Panco and his daughter Mary Ann talked about what the lake means to them. Both of these wonderful people spoke about loving the Geneva Inn but being frightened that their great lake might be sacrificed to commercialism by the Inn’s new plans. “We’re gonna lose our lake to people like those “Armada” people showing up at Buttons Bay in their boats.” Penny Roher spoke eloquently about how a banquet hall (what the Geneva Inn is really proposing building without proposing anything yet) would increase traffic going and coming at particular times and the traffic on that portion of South Lake Shore Drive was bad enough. John Hofstater got yelled at by Mr. Weiss (presiding over the meeting) for taking a poll of hands from the collected citizens sitting before the committee. Mr. Weiss showed anger when over 80% of theStop Laughing people present raised their hands against the breakup of the comprehensive plan. Mr Hofsteter took his verbal spanking well. The 80% laughed. Mr. Weiss informed those people that there would be “no further applause or laughing allowed”. The 80% proceeded to laugh and applaud. Mr. Weiss had nothing further to say to them. He got even however by throwing total support to breaking the comprehensive plan into small bits.

Mrs. Levy, a woman of great quality and class, spoke at the Town of Linn meeting against the coming breakup of the comprehensive plan. She spoke eloquently about how bad the noise had been in the old days coming out of the speedway located miles away. She spoke about the noise that comes out of Gordy’s and Chuck’s bars late on weekend nights. “I don’t want to dance to their music,” was her comment about being forced to endure the noise and traffic a new banquet hall on the lake would spew out. A former Miss Wisconsin even showed up. With all her beauty on display she showed the true intellect and great heart behind it. She spoke about taking care of the community and listening to the will of the people.

Former Miss Wisconsin

Miss Wisconsin, wearing here entirely wonderful costume from that event, came to the Town of Linn to speak against the proposed change to the Comprehensive Plan. She was articulate as well as gorgeous. It’s a shame her words didn’t get enough attention from the relatively immune planning commissioners.

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