Little Gems

The Town of Linn keeps coming through.  
Charles Roan, the candidate in the primary election that would likely be so harmful to the Town (he’s part of that whole Chris Jones fiasco from when she, and he, tried to have the Town of Linn basically done away with) came in a very distant second to Alyson Morris, one of the candidates the Geneva Shore Report recommended for the job.  Alyson got 105 votes, while Chuck got 49, with Sheila coming in last with 41.  Alyson and Charles will be the candidates for the clerk’s position in the coming main election to be held on April 6th of 2021.

Once again, these initial results coming in for the primary hit the nail on the head when it comes to the community having an in-depth understanding for what has been going on.  Self-preservation is of utmost importance during this country’s time of great difficulty, not just regarding the continuance of the effects of the virus but also the traumatic change in governmental leadership.  The Town of Linn is sticking together, and it needs to continue to do so.  Jim Weiss has been a big, very big, part of hold it all together and he richly deserves another term as chairman of the town board.



Wicked Poke Hut opens today Wednesday, February 17th.
There is no other place like it in Lake Geneva. This wonderful little place on Broad Street serves ‘poke’, which is very similar to sushi, however, poke is traditionally a Hawaiian dish and sushi is a Japanese dish. It will have the traditional raw ahi tuna, cut into cubes, over rice with its wicked signature sauce. The Poke Hut will also have trout, chicken, beef, and shrimp options, all very good. Not only is it a one-of-a-kind place in town, but it will also offer a one-of-a-kind service and deliver your order to your boat,

Wow! Make a point to stop in and check out the Hawaiian vibe, and eat some delicious poke.

The Poke Hut Now Open


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