The Bright Side

 The business of renting water space is big on Geneva Lake.
Lake Geneva is setting some changes in place and tweaking a few existing procedures to get ready for the spring and summer season ahead. The very sought-after boat slips and buoys are hard to come by and the waiting list is not short. This has caused a lot of frustration, with people looking into the list of those already renting, and those on a list waiting to rent. Of course, there are different rates and requirements for full-time residents and property owners. For some odd reason, the list of renters has been hard to get a hold of, creating some suspicion.

Why not be transparent? Proper proof of residency required for a boat slip, buoy, and kayak rentals has been the basis of complaints so far filed. The piers, harbor, and lakefront committee voted ‘yes’ on the clarification of proper paper being included at the time of lease signing, and no later. The other issues needing clarification are the number of days waitlist applicants have to respond and except a rental spot.

The committee has had several in the past, as it has mulled over the question far too long, leaving the next person on the list waiting even longer. The applicant whose name is called on the waitlist has only five days to respond before the next on the list is called. This new procedure is an effort to create a fair and transparent process when it comes to the lake and rental spaces.

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