Little Gems

Flat Iron Tap.
It is finally opening. The GSR has been reporting an expectant opening for almost a year. Well, the sign out front is now revealing that the Tap is looking for a few good employees in order to open. Open interviews start on March 3rd, so go past the new storefront and check out the write up on that sign to see when and where you might want to show up if you want to work there. The Tap, 150 Center St., Lake Geneva, is going to be a burger and wings place that will also be a bar serving hard drinks, as well as beer and wine.

Flat Iron Tap


Queen Bee.
This collection of art displays, a group gallery if you will, is moving up from the basement and into the Fancy Fair Mall, on Main Street, but at street level. Fourteen different, and outstanding, local artists have their work represented by Queen Bee. Go to the Fancy Fair Mall and check the new place out. They’ll be open in early March, but the exact day has not been announced.

Queen Bee Opening Soon

Calling all treasure hunters.
The Vintage Shop Hop 2018 is coming to Lake Geneva. What is that? It’s two incredible days (March 2nd and 3rd ) where seven local thrift stores will be open to accepting a “crawl” of customers who move from shop to shop and vie for $175.00 in prizes. Visit participating stores for your punch card and you must stop at five shops to be eligible to win. All stores will be open from 10:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. both days.


Geneva Shore Report trademarked. As other newspapers have done over the years, the GSR has trademarked the use of this naming phrase, and the phrase cannot be used without authorization to advertise or sell or even represent any other organization. That includes using the name to appear as the title of a Facebook page or a thread or page on any other part of the Internet or social media. If you seek permission to use the Geneva Shore Report name then you will probably receive approval, as the organization is anything but a typical American corporation.

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