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Private Harbor, Private Club, Private Beach and Private Marina.
There is a very understandable reason to fear that the developmental forces attempting to more commercialize the edges of Geneva Lake would love to acquire the Maytag pond that sits there in the same shape as the lake, just east of it. The wonderful road that passes between the pond and the lake (South Lake Shore Drive), is one of the most used and enjoyed lake roads in the state. It is the only road where the water can be viewed without any restriction. The developers want to change all that and reroute the road inland to connect with Highway 120, and then turn the pond into a private marina. The private club that is geared toward the elder community, currently under construction off of Highway 120, would be the anchor property on the south side for such a project. The road’s removal is being touted as a great idea because the current downtown boat ramp is so badly placed and the pond would supposedly be a much better place for it. And then there are the people who see the road as unsafe because it is open along the stretch of the only free beach on the lake. Almost all of these straw excuses come from developers or friends of the developers. In the end, it is about money. The developers getting and keeping the money, while the community as a whole slowly loses its identity.

Sugar Shack strip club.
The Geneva Shore Report videographers made a video out at this strip club, located in Town of Geneva right on the edge of Lake Geneva proper on the west side. This club is owned by Dana Montana, the same woman who owns the Dancing Horses animal farm on Highway 50 in Delavan. The substance of the video was supposed to be focused on a big fight that broke out at the club and how four police departments had to pursue the fighting miscreants using dogs and thermal imaging. The police found one of the men passed out in the snow and no doubt saved that man’s life. But the video also included a segment about how awful the club was to have as a neighbor, and many people did not like that opinion making its way into the substance of the story.

The funniest criticism came online when somebody said that the Sugar Shack would certainly file suit against the GSR for defamation of character. It is unlikely any judge or prosecutor could stop laughing long enough to consider such charges, but that’s how some of the public felt about our expressing our feeling of disgust for such places that are almost each and everyone engaging in some form of abuse to young women. There is no evidence of this abuse available coming out of the Sugar Shack, but it is hard to consider in this day and age how a high-quality community like Lake Geneva would allow such a business to be located so close by. That the Town of Geneva is known only for being the home to this Sugar Shack strip club is also a great shame.


Lutheran Immanuel and local politics.
The runoff election for mayor took place on Tuesday of this week and the results are published in this issue. During the week prior to this election, it came to the attention of GSR X-Files investigators that there seemed to be some sort of collusion between Immanuel Lutheran Church, the Lake Geneva Fire Department and one of the candidates. That report caught the attention of the editorial staff because that is exactly the homologation of entities that got together to form what the staff refers to as the complex of “good old boys” who ran the city for so many years. The good old boys were responsible, almost single-handedly, for the Hummel disaster that is still being played out and cost the city’s insurer almost four million dollars. The good old boys also (kind of) assured that few people wanted to run for, or hold office as, city council members in Lake Geneva because the city did not come to the aid of council members when they were sued over the Hummel fiasco.

What is the nature of the relationship among the Fire Department, the Lutheran Church, and one mayoral candidate? The answer to that question, from a factual standpoint, is unavailable because of a lack of anything but anecdotal data and testimony from two confidential informants who choose not to be revealed. The conjecture is written here, but without more evidence, no definite conclusion can be made, although this situation is going to be very closely watched. One of the polling places in Lake Geneva, where people go to vote, and the votes are tabulated, is the Fire Department facility. The GSR is and is going to be, very sensitive to the voting being conducted without the color of authority when it comes to choosing candidates.




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