Little Gems

Winners of the Parade of Trees have been announced.
The Geneva Lake Museum is a wonderful treasure in Lake Geneva. It’s always working on a great community event, educating the community, and archiving and sharing the beautiful history of the city. The museum’s most recent community event, The Parade of Trees, was again a big hit. The trees that lined the old-time Main Street were sponsored and decorated by twenty-seven of the wonderful service departments, organizations, and businesses of Lake Geneva. Each tree was uniquely decorated and amazing. Of course, like any other competition, the winners of the 2nd Annual Geneva Lake Museum Parade of Trees are
First Place – Brick & Mortar.
Second Place – City of Lake Geneva Fire Department.
Third Place – American Legion Auxiliary (if you haven’t encountered this wondrous group of regal quality, warm and loving women, then you’ve missed out).
Congratulations to the winners and let the creativity begin for next year’s event.


Dollar General in the Town of Geneva.
Dollar General is a discount store that offers an assortment of popular everyday items. The Town of Geneva is soon to be its newest location. Originally, Dollar General set out to get approval to build in the Elkhorn area, without success.  The Town of Geneva became the next and possibly better location. The building has begun and the plan is to be done and open before the spring of 2021.  We love Dollar General, which often has Campbell’s Classic Chicken Noodle soup for a buck!


January is National Human Trafficking Awareness month.
The Wisconsin State Patrol is encouraging people to raise awareness. Human Trafficking is receiving increasing attention at local, state, and federal levels. The Wisconsin State Patrol works with the Department of Justice to receive consistent training that covers indicators and what type of things to look for. Human Trafficking is a crime that is often unnoticed while hiding in plain sight. It takes a trained officer, and aware citizens, to notice and stand up to save the victims. Human Trafficking is a criminal and social issue that is mostly unreported.  Awareness is so important, as it can affect any community and victims can be any age, race, or gender.

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