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The Free Little Library is one of the world’s largest book sharing movements.
It began in 2009 and is now 100,000 strong on all seven continents. The idea behind the little libraries was to build communities, inspire readers, and expand book access for everyone. So, if you haven’t heard about the movement it’s illustrated by little library boxes placed in special places, filled with books to share with others for free. To check out more information about this fun idea: To get started anyone needs to identify a location that is safe and visible. Second, they must build their own little library or purchase one through the online catalog. However, the ones offered on-line are not cheap, although are quality products, weather-resistant, long-lasting, and hand crafted (made by Amish craftspeople). Participants can choose from a variety of prebuilt or ready to assemble kits. The third step is to register the little library and gain access to network support and benefits, including an official charter sign engraved with a special charter number. If someone purchases a library through the online store it automatically comes registered with a sign. One of the best things about registering the library is to be added to the world map.  Upon doing that any little library owner is ready to build support, get the community involved, and share the library with all who are interested. The boxes are filled with books and shared with others who happen along to check them out.

Lake Geneva and the surrounding communities have several little libraries (Fontana and Williams Bay have one each). The libraries in Lake Geneva can be found at Simple Café on Broad Street, Nine Live’s and the tennis courts on Geneva Street, Visit Lake Geneva on Wrigley Drive, and the West Gate Tot Lot on Miller Court. Happy reading.

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Lake Geneva Fun

Mom Maureen and kids Hazel and Lincoln enjoying winter and sledding at the hill behind the skate and dog park. Great family fun!



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