Little Gems

Diane Donohoo is gone!
Elvira, the possibly most damaging prosecutor in Walworth County’s history, has departed the scene, resigning just before Christmas to deliver upon the County of Racine her form of brutalized ‘justice.’  There is cause for celebration in this county and the District Attorney should be congratulated in finally bringing about a better bargain for all citizens appearing in the Walworth County courts. Crime must be fought hard but justice must be carefully and even lovingly applied. Goodbye Diane!


Damaged ice!
The new ice rink (by Nice Ice) is set to open in Flat Iron Park after damage from early violators of the “closed” status of the place took place during the last weekend.  The ice was not hard enough to support skates or even street shoes or boots.  People went out on the ice, after the closed sign blew down, and caused enough damage to require major repairs.  It is hoped, of course, that lower temperatures and the importing of some smoothing equipment, will allow the rink to be opened soon with a shiny bright and smooth surface.  Please do not go out onto the rink ice unless the rink is open.  There has been no fence around the rink and there should not need to be.  Please help this effort all you can so future years will also enjoy this wonderful entertaining rink.

The new not-so-nice ice rink is a bit of a mess after anxious skaters couldn’t wait any longer. Last Saturday in Flat Iron Park ice skaters were seen on the ice rink even though the caution tape was still up and the sign read currently CLOSED. The ice was not ready and one of the skaters went through creating a hole and the rest of the rink endured surface damaged as well Jim Stoller, the owner of Nice Rink, came out on Sunday to repair what he could and left the rest up to mother nature to fix. The Ice Rink will need a little more time to heal, and as soon as that happens an OPEN sign will be placed in front of the rink.

The “Streets of Lake Geneva” Facebook page will also post the opening. Please be patient so the opening is not delayed.

Ice Rink Damage



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