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At the end of a year, or at the beginning of the New Year, it is common to review the past year and project what is anticipated in the new year. However, when the best accomplishments of the past year were things that were temporarily stopped or delayed and the best that is foreseen for the coming year will be similar things that may be temporarily stopped or delayed, then there is little reason for cheering. It is like building a dam across a river to stop the water from flowing. On a temporary basis, it works but no matter how high the dam is built, given time the water builds up behind the dam and it will eventually flow over or find a way around it.

Everyone and everything has a life cycle. A beginning a middle and an end. The difference is not just what is accomplished during it, but what is consumed in the process and the condition of the things that are left behind. Geneva Lake, The Riviera, and the Hillmoor property are the critical issues facing the city, and what is or is not done will have a long-term effect on the city. All humans will pass away but what they consume or destroy will be gone forever, and what they leave behind will remain as an asset or a blight. Some things change with time as seen by a local grandmother, who spent a month traveling west in a covered wagon to get to Wisconsin, then later in her life, she spent three hours in a jet plane and traveled 2,000 miles from Wisconsin to Seattle Washington. In our lives, the atomic bomb, landing a man on the moon, computers, lazars, superconductors, Large Hadron Collider, a permanent presence of man in orbit, the internet, and worldwide satellite voice and data communication and massive data storage have come along. Despite the technological advancements, the people born today are the same as those born thousands of years ago and they repeat the same patterns that they did back then, only with a slight difference because of the technologies, training, and education, that they receive. The starting point and genetics are the same. So as the young look forward to the future, it is best for them to take a moment to look at the past and to understand the past so that they can understand the real challenges that lie ahead.

Freedom is in the gap between chaos and control, and failure to see the warning signs of history is to lose it.

Persons of the Week

Ice Castle Lake Geneva

Paul and Ryan are a couple of the great many guys from the area who make up the hard working fun crew at the very exciting and much anticipated Ice Castle on the Riviera Beach in Lake Geneva!



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