Little Gems

Back to the drawing boards.
The Dunkin’ Donuts shop planned to be erected along with an accompanying Mobil Station along Highway 50 near the bowling alley in East Lake Geneva, has been tabled. They went to the city and pulled their plan. What they’re going to do now is anybody’s guess. Did they pull the plans in order to modify them so as to increase their chance to get them passed by the city, or did they bail for some other reason? The answer to those questions is unknown. They did make an appearance at Monday night’s council meeting. The actual address is 190 East Main Street. They presented a conceptual review of what they want to do before pulling it.

Human dog sledding.
Get the idea? No dogs involved. Humans take the place of dogs in this sledding competition. From one p.m. to four-thirty on Sunday the 28th of January, the Winterfest Celebration, sponsored by Canopy Tours and Grand Geneva will host this odd annual event. The sled races are held in heats to that nobody gets too exhausted (or beaten with whips!). The rest of the Winterfest, the more normal part, will be held, starting on January 27th, but feel free to come by during the week preceding the other events, especially judging of the snow carving. The snow ‘cones’ or cylinders will be hauled in and dropped off in front of the Riviera during the week preceding the judging. The carvers come from all over the world to compete. If prior events are any indication some amazing work will be on display.


The Antiques and Arts Bazaar is moving.
Apparently, that colorful place, currently occupying the Main Street fronting building at 731 East, may be moving to the old church located on the north-east corner of Geneva Street and Broad Street, across from the Episcopal Church. How’s that going to happen? It appears that somehow, Jody Mikkelsen, the alleged largest failing businesswoman in all of the lake area (according to some of the business owners who’ve left that building in disappointment and anger), was somehow able to keep the place from being sold at a sheriff’s sale held last Thursday. What fable worked in accomplishing such a miracle is only a matter of rumor. The Geneva Shore Report sent representatives to cover the sale, and also to make an offer, but were left disappointed on the steps of the Walworth County law enforcement lobby. Maybe later there might be another possibility of an acquisition, should the sheriff’s department figure out that fables don’t pay the bills. Incidentally, it is the C.R. Goodfind’s Store that is moving into the space vacated by the Antiques and Arts Bazaar. It will take them a while to get into the space because they are asking the city to build a completely new façade for the front of the building.


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