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Article by Terry O’Neill, former Lake Geneva Alderperson

Personal Freedom.  Few things are more important to one’s quality of life than one’s Personal Freedom.  That personal freedom is enhanced by our abilities, knowledge, beliefs, and the environment and culture in which we live. That freedom can be restricted or enhanced by those who govern us, and by the rules and laws that they write. Unlike in many countries of the world, American’s can have a say in choosing those who they are governed by.  The words ‘can have,’ as used here is used because, in a typical spring mayoral election in the City of Lake Geneva almost 70% of the residents did not vote, which means that a small minority of the residents (as little as 15%) end up determining who is the leader of the city.

The United States praises and honors its veterans with words, but the majority of Lake Geneva residents fail to value and use the most fundamental issue that they fought for; “the right to self-govern and the right to select those who will lead.”  Governmental leadership positions confer power, and they often attract those who want to use that power for specific goals, issues, or sometimes for their own personal betterment.  Registered voters must take an interest in Lake Geneva’s city government and attend both of the coming two public forums held at the Lake Geneva Library for the candidates running for mayor of the City of Lake Geneva. Also, be sure to exercise your personal freedom to vote in both the primary and general elections.

Dates and Times:

  1. The first forum is at the Lake Geneva Library on Jan. 25 at 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm for the three mayoral primary candidates.
  2. The Spring Primary Election is Feb. 20th (be sure and vote)
  3. The second forum is at the Lake Geneva Library on March 15th at 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm for the two mayoral finalists.
  4. The Spring General Election is April 3rd (be sure to vote)


Cartoon Terry O’Neill
Cartoon Terry O'neill

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