The Pier on Linn Town Road.
The restaurant that was a convenience store and more, is back on the Town of Linn Agenda. Patrick Hogan, the man who is attempting to make something of the place, located halfway down Linn Pier Road in Town of Linn, is attempting to get a couple of conditional use permits passed so he can be in business at all. He lost his liquor license when the Town Board of Linn decided to not renew the license he had. The main reason for his liquor license being taken was the agent representing him on the license, a man named Todd Berkowitz, lied on the application, then later admitted the lie in a public forum. The other reason was that the Town admits that it made a mistake in ever issuing the license at all.

Whether Patrick is going to file suit against the Town of Linn remains undecided, or so Mr. Hogan says. What will happen on the night of the 26th and what is the detail with respect to the conditional use permits? More of that story will follow in the next issue of the Geneva Shore Report. It is rumored that Mr. Hogan is filing to start a country club.


Little stuff that is good to know.  

Oil of clove, if rubbed onto and around the surfaces of a bad tooth gives about three hours of pain relief. Try it, if you cannot get to a dentist or if you just want to try to wait it out.

Try tying whatever you might want to hold together with dental floss before squeezing superglue onto the floss and letting it sink in. Pour some baking soda onto the glue if you want it to harden up instantly. Thick layers of super glue are not normally instant or necessarily fast in drying.

If you cannot find the locking nut key that you got with your locking wheel lug nuts, then go through your toolbox until you find a socket a little bit smaller than the nuts around the locking one. Pound the socket onto the locking nut with a small sledge, twist it off with the socket drive. Repeat.

If weeds are bothering, you and you do not want to use Roundup or go to the store for other junk then mix one cup of Dawn dish soap into a bucket. Pour in a small bottle of vinegar (any kind of vinegar). Finally, had a couple of cups of Epson salt. Mix and then pour into an old Windex or other atomizer spray container and go to work.

If your eye is troubling you because you think it used to be clearer in vision, then mix a quarter teaspoon of tap water into a small cup, add a few ounces of water, mix and slosh into the eye. Blink and dry. If your vision immediately clears, then book an appointment with your ophthalmologist because the fuzziness you are experiencing is being caused by corneal swelling. You need medicine, but you can sure see fine enough with the saltwater treatment to drive to the appointment!


Walworth County has a new mobile health hub that is about to be on the road and coming to a neighborhood near you.
Walworth County’s Department of Health and Human Services designed its new mobile health unit to offer a variety of health and wellness education, along with direct services. This is the county’s first health-on-the-go initiative; to provide affordable and accessible care and education to the residents who work, live and visit the area as an alternative to clinic-based services. This effort will help make health and wellness services more readily available to a broader client base, including those living in more rural areas. There will be staff from all types of different Walworth County programs and initiatives to assist residents with physical needs, along with mental health and wellness. The mobile unit is fully equipped with an exam room, blood draw chair and will be able to provide free healthcare assessments, including blood pressure screenings, education, and information about physical and mental health. Another huge benefit of the mobile health hub is being able to provide Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program visits and administering vaccinations. The county is looking forward to partnering with local health professionals to contribute the best care possible for the residents near and far. The goal is to improve care, lower costs and essentially save lives. The health hub is scheduled to participate in Walworth County’s National Night out at the Walworth County Fairgrounds on August 3rd, as well.

Place Of The Week

Lauderdale Landing, Elkhorn

Lauderdale Landing, on Westshore Drive in Elkhorn, is a hidden gem. Lake views and food that reminds you of home-cooked meals.


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