Lake Geneva Day is tomorrow Thursday, July 15th.
This day is all about the people, the city, the lake, and the Riviera complex. Residents with parking stickers will get the privilege of free parking all through the day. The newly renovated Riviera, including the grand ballroom, will have its official Open House all day long. If you have not been in the Riviera since the renovations have been completed you really need to check it out, as it is wonderful. There will be a Riviera Rededication Ceremony at 4 p.m., followed by Concerts in the Park from 6 p.m. through 8 p.m. (in Flat Iron Park). The featured performing group will be Swing Nouveau, with a very enjoyable addition of swing dance demos from 5 p.m. through 6 p.m. Enjoy the day and celebrate Lake Geneva, as everything re-opens and life is once again well worth the living.


How did Wisconsin become the place where animals are mostly unwelcome?
Wisconsin is killing, and allowing to be killed, most of its bears, its wolves, it is deer and now it is the birds.  Is it mean-spiritedness?  Nobody is really eating those animals much at all.  I mean, have you had wild game meat before?  Not too good at all, and that is even if the carcasses have been bled, cleaned, and properly cared for in a noticeably short period of time.  What’s your level of trust in thinking that most ‘hunters’ you see are doing what needs to be done to serve safe meat products?

When it comes to birds, well, that is a bit of a different story.  The current crop of lifeguards down at Lake Geneva Beach do not like birds.  The birds interfere with…well, whatever seagulls interfere with.  The GSR has been tossing a small flock (about 30 to 40 of the flying critters) for many years.  The ‘feed’ is cut up hot dogs and then a tube of saltines.  That is morning fare, as it is too crowded in the summer to feed them in the afternoon.   According to these new lifeguards, the humorless deadpan crop that has been brought aboard this year, these birds add waste to ‘their’ beach.’ They say people don’t like them, and they are a needless nuisance for the public and the guards themselves.   Nobody is killing the seagulls just yet, but this crop of ‘whatever they are guards might just apply for those kinds of ‘culling’ privileges.  We do not kill animals in Wisconsin, we cull them.  Go down to the beach in Lake Geneva and try to make a lifeguard smile.  Good luck with doing that! Maybe it’s that they now have to clean toilets that make them that way.


On getting the shots to protect yourself, your family, your friends, and all those around you.
It is not just about you.  It is not about what you believe when it comes to leadership of the country or election fraud or any of that.  It is about comfort and life itself.  The Milwaukee Journal went into its right-wing larder this week and wrote a story about how the shots, finally here and slowly killing off the virus, are only partially safe.  You see, 5700, or so, people who have gotten the shots have died, although not necessarily from the virus. Yes, they wrote that and then concluded that the shots are not proven fully safe yet.   In truth, the shots are part of the largest medical ‘trial’ in the nation’s history.  Hundreds of millions were administered and almost no deaths and very few side effects of any consequence.  Go get the shots and do not for a minute think you will not go through horrid misery or worse if you are one of those left who gets the new variant.  That is another myth.  If you are healthy, it will be no problem if you get it.  Start reading deeper.  Healthy people all over the world who cannot get the shots are dying, irrespective of age.  If you cannot be smart and get the shots, then try to make believe you are and get them anyway.

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Rammy (AKA Chips or Fries)

Tammy, also known as Chips or Fries, is the super fun waitress at Grandma Vickie’s. Tammy will bring a smile to your face and probably make you laugh a bit!

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