The infamous, never to be declassified, list of who is leasing Lake Geneva slips and buoys.
Linda Frame, the last harbor master before the current one, the one fired by Tom Earle of Public Works fame, was finished with her compilation of such a list when she was promptly and instantly fired. The list of lessees, with names and addresses (providing the information that might reveal whom among the lessees was posing as a local for the discounted rate), was on her desk. That list disappeared right after she was escorted from the municipal building. It was never returned to her. There was going to be a new list, but there was a delay before that could be compiled because the new harbormaster had to be brought aboard and trained. Well, all that is done. Where is the list, even the redone and probably very laundered and polished list? Nowhere to be seen. A few people have even been assigned new slips but who are they and where were they on the waiting list? Were they from Chicago or local? None of those questions can be answered. The city council is once again having secret sessions with respect to the Hillmoor property, because of the regurgitation of the ridiculous earlier lawsuit. What will the city concede or give away out of fear, while it does so, creating rational reasons why it must surrender anything at all.

The Mirabel Hummel property lawsuits extended to four sitting council members back ten years ago. Those four city councilors were denied attorney representation and had to pay twenty-five thousand personally on their own. Dan Draper, the city attorney back then and now, was allowed outside council and that was paid. Will history repeat itself here and are the current council members quivering in fear about whether that will happen again? The public does not get to know. The last time the council was secretly afraid they committed zoning fraud to prevent further expense and trouble. Nothing happened back then…but times have changed. None of their secretive behavior or communications are going to be kept secret for very long. The list, by the way, has been sought with a FOIA request to the city. It will take a while, they said.


Raising the roof.
Tom Earle discussed the issue regarding the need for a new roof on three different city buildings. Lake Geneva City Hall has one of the roofs on the list to be replaced. Originally the roof was expected to last until 2022 or 2023, however, the need is more immediate. The city put out a class 2 notice and one bid was received. The only BID for city hall came from Top Roofing out of Wheaton, Illinois in the amount of $82,500.00. Tom Earle was pleased with this number, as the city set aside $200,000.00 for the project. Not a bad deal. The other two roofs getting replaced are street department buildings. The smaller of the projects is being awarded to Midwest Roofing out of Dodgeville, Wisconsin in an amount of $40,480.00, and the other street department roof is the largest of the three projects to cost the city $91,650.00 and this was awarded to Humphreys Roofing in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

The Finance, Licensing, and Regulation Chair Ken Howell questioned why only one bid was received and wanted to know how and what steps were taken to get bids. Earle stated that the city had published the projects and contacted roofing companies and the three best bids were selected. The city council discussed the same issue and wanted to know why three separate companies were being awarded. Tom Earle stated that they could not have one company do all the work, so they went out for bid separately. Each roof is a little different and each roofing company specializes in different areas offering different rates accordingly. It is nice to see three different companies being awarded the work. The Lake Geneva City Council voted, and final approval was awarded. Work will begin soon.

Lake Photo Of The Week

Lauderdale lake

Lauderdale Lake…..another beautiful local lake less traveled by tourists.

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