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Handicap parking goes back in at Finch.
Yes! Finch does it right, backed by Mr. Lazzaroni, the property owner. Finch’s Tavern and Taqueria is the name of the new restaurant serving ‘street’ tacos and quality booze, not to mention a killer view of the lake. Boats are going to be sold from the parking lot in front of and to the side of the restaurant. The first three boats showed up two weeks ago. The restaurant opened but those boats, laid down atop the old handicapped slots, were never moved. What Finch did was to move the slots. They are now located further to the first and closer in to the restaurant.   Perfectly acceptable, and it is with thanks that the Geneva Shore Report can write about the immediacy of such actions. There is a lot to like about Finch, and this is one more. There are a lot of things to like about Lazzaroni (like shoring up the part of the road near his boat facility using his own dollars, and also facing down the Geneva Inn when it wanted to put in a ridiculous banquet hall plan). One more for Mr. Lazzaroni.

Finch Tavern and Taqueria Handicap Parking

There they are, closer to the restaurant than before. There are two spaces and hopefully three if they move that boat. The Geneva Shore Report is gambling on the good will and American’s With Disabilities Act wisdom. The spaces have to be there by federal law, but it is good to see such quick reaction in any event.


It’s just hearsay.
Rumors are those things that people say without much in the way of evidentiary backing. Hearsay is the word used to describe what people say other people have said. Mr. Hartz, the distinguished man who owns Simple Restaurant, has been said to be angry that he lost out on the theater deal and had to stand on the sidelines while the city subsidized deal went to a man from Burlington. Mr. Hartz is rumored to be (backed by plenty of hearsay) extremely angry that he lost supposedly about a million dollars because of losing the deal. He is rumored to be holding the Geneva Shore Report responsible because the GSR wrote that no immediate former alderperson involved in other agencies of the local government should be subsidized by votes from his former cronies. Mr. Hartz appears to be joined by Dan “Piggy Bank” Winkler in his deep loathing of the GSR.

Mr. Winkler is rumored to be livid with rage that the Geneva Shore Report caused him to lose his position and be forced into retirement. That he engineered the single largest increase in utility bills the county has ever seen for Lake Geneva property owners apparently had little to do with anything. It is true that the GSR wrote all about that. It is also true that the city has decided to take back control of the Utility Department following Mr. Winkler’s timely passing in September and the GSR spearheaded that movement. Should the theater have gone to a business man who had proven that he could take a nearby wreck of a theater and recover it to become a downtown jewel in Burlington or should it have gone to a restaurant owner? Both Hartz and Winkler worked for the city in one capacity or another, and both still do.

They don’t work for the Geneva Shore Report. They work for the citizens of Lake Geneva and they are passing into time with some measure of lost respect because of their own measure of representation. No staff member of the GSR works for any Geneva Lake community and none sit on boards or councils. Mr. Hartz and Mr. Winkler may quite likely be enraged at the Geneva Shore Report but is that a good thing for the community or a bad one?

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