Little Gems

You just gotta love Richard Helund.
A week ago Monday night the Lake Geneva City Council held its first “Meeting of the Whole.” (COW) That’s the meeting, highly touted and roundly criticized, where citizens come to stand before the alderpersons, mayor and city administrator, to discuss anything they want in the world for five minutes. The alderpersons, et al, sit and listen without comment. When the council decided to appoint a replacement for Alan Kupsik, because he was elected mayor, they were given some choices. One great choice would have been Penny Roehrer, a former councilperson of some stature. Penny was not considered in open session. Another sort of republican clone got the job. None of that matters with respect to this comment, though. ’Headless’ Hedlund’s comment matters.

When the roll was taken the new clone was not present. He didn’t make the meeting. Hedlund sniffed, looked around and said, audible to one and all: “Hell, at least Penny would have shown up.” Maybe there’s more than banking starch and monetary tomato paste driving this man. Come on Richard, let’s see more of that kind of cutting fire coming out of that hacky-sack envelope of yours. Fontana, that little town of fading delight. They’ve gone ahead and done it. They opened up a boat dealership on the key downtown corner in order to make sure no southwestern town in Arizona or New Mexico could possibly outdo them when it comes to looking like a used car dealership rather than a real quality town. The people who come in to buy those Shodeen Stepford Wives condos can sidle right over and pick up a classy spray-painted scow to take out on the lake. How quaint. And cheap. Only the Abbey remains a sort of Shangri La kind of central hub for the place. Gordys, Chucks, Shodeen, Meecum and now a boat dealership. The only thing the place is missing is motorcycle gangs. Sturgis, South Dakota still gets the big annual rally, but it’s very likely a secondary cluster of the rolling two-wheeled beasts can be gathered for Fontana to wallow in.



Farm Technology.
Snudden Farms out in Town of Linn right near downtown Zenda is hosting Farm Technology Days in 2016. The event is going to take place from July 19th through the 21st and there are going to be over 600 exhibitors spread out under tents on the fields. Get out there. It’s not well advertised because it doesn’t have to be! People come. They are digging a 300-foot-long, twenty-foot-deep replica of Lake Geneva! That’s extraordinary for such an event. You may not find farming sexy or interesting, but if you live in Wisconsin you will sure find a visit to Farm Technology fun and truly captivating. Town of Linn has brochures in the city hall at Zenda and the website for learning more about this quiet, but huge, event is

Farm Technology Days 2016

“Little Gems Downtown”

Downtown Police motorcycle patrol Lake Geneva

The coolest vehicle the Lake Geneva Police Department fields. This small motorcycle is nimble and fast enough to get anywhere at any time but looks inoffensive and great. The equally great cop is named Don. You know that by reading his name tag. Lake Geneva is one of the few departments left that puts officer’s full names on name tags. This great cop has a great chief (Mike Rasmussen).

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