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Open note to Mr. Scott Williams of the Lake Geneva Regional Newsletter;
“Please note: My email as put in this update notice is not correct, so I did not receive it when it was sent. There should have been an undeliverable notice sent back to you regarding it being non-deliverable. The error in the email address is that there is no “i” after the “rr”. My correct email is as sent to you and in a letter addressed to you and as published in the GSR is Please correct your records.” Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva resident, and candidate for city council


Brick & Mortar is getting ready for its big reopening on or before Memorial Day.
Originally, the plan was to reopen in April, but as construction goes, a few snags along the way have slowed down the progress. The interior will be a much more conducive use of space for retail and the porch will be bigger and better, including plenty of seating for relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee. Yes, Brick & Mortar will be including a coffee shop along with additional outdoor seating.


Spring begins on Thursday, March 19th, 2020, at 11:50 p.m.
What a great distraction and feel-good event to help brighten and lighten the general mood everywhere. Traditionally, the first day of spring is celebrated on March 21st, but astronomers and calendar manufacturers now say that the spring this year starts on March 19th, 2020, and then on March 20th in the future years. This is the earliest the Vernal (Spring) Equinox has occurred in one hundred and twenty-four years. Welcome spring and the new life it brings.


The Yerkes Combined Plan Commission and the University of Chicago meeting went down last week.
Mrs. Coleman adroitly handled the Williams Bay plan commission and the representatives who were sent to the village by the University of Chicago. Not much was said at this meeting because the audience of hundreds was not allowed to speak or ask questions. The university is calving off lakefront lots from the property everyone thought the observatory would possess. The university has gifted 50 acres to the foundation Mrs. Coleman chairs. The plan commission wanted to know how the foundation would get enough money together to pay the observatory’s significant expenses and then do the necessary renovations to assure that people can go there and enjoy this wonderful old “museum” of an observatory. The financial questions remain unanswered. Mrs. Coleman made a very good point about that. How can the foundation raise money to run the place and do the improvements until it gets the deed in its hand, which is supposed to happen in April? With the concerns of the impact of the Coronavirus, it is not likely that any group meetings, with respect to the observatory, will be allowed in the foreseeable future.

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Yerkes Observatory

How soon will the Yerkes Observatory be open to the public?

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