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What’s going on with banks in Lake Geneva?
When did it start that the money people give to or deposit in banks is no longer their own?  If you don’t believe that then you’ve never had some operation, credit card company, Netflix decided that the small print you gave them when you bought into their services allows them to withdraw payments they think they are owed.  You go to the bank and tell your bank to no longer allow such withdrawals.  The bank tells you that it can’t.  You have to go to the organization taking the money.

How did this happen, wherein you either have to close the account, change your debit cards or spend a week filing a complaint about the individual charge?  Why will banks not act like they are the stewards of your money and not the owner?  How about the charge you get if you want to keep your balance in your checking account low so maintain most of what you have in a savings account?  After a few charges to re-supply your checking account the bank starts charging a transfer fee.  The transfers cost them nothing.  How did our banks become our enemies and what’s to be done about it?


The Stop and Go, Rita’s Hair Salon, and the old Dairy Queen on Wells Street have been purchased by the Kwik Trip Corporation.
Kwik Trip invested in the Stop and Go chain, purchasing all the remaining stores. Kwik Trip would like to reinvest into the area of Lake Geneva and build a new Kwik Trip store at the Stop and Go location, creating more jobs, parking, and a nice upgrade to the area. The redevelopment proposal for the property was presented by two of the Kwik Trip representatives, Troy and Seth, who worked with the city when the Kwik Trip on Broad Street location in Lake Geneva was built. Some of the residents of the area near the Stop and Go are concerned about safety, increased traffic, and the exit onto Lake Geneva Boulevard. The plan shared at the plan commission included a new station plus a quiet car wash, modern gas pumps, and a fully-stocked convenience store. The rendering also included ample parking, a barrier including a fence, and greenery for noise reduction as a visual effect.

The plan was very well thought out and, on paper, looks like a great idea for that otherwise mess of a tattered area. Seth and Troy have done such redevelopments a few times before and understand that making the community happy, and the residents safe, is a priority. The exit onto Lake Geneva Boulevard will be reconsidered and changed if possible, along with a traffic study on Wells Street traffic and what the new station could bring. The numbers put out by the Wisconsin DOT on Wells Street traffic estimated about 4,500 vehicles per day. To get a comparison of what heavy traffic looks like in Lake Geneva the numbers the DOT has for the Williams Street in front of the Kwik Trip on the north end of Lake Geneva is 8,400 vehicles a day. Main Street averages about 17,000 to 18,000 vehicles a day. Both Kwik Trip locations have lighter traffic, comparatively. The Kwik Trip company is a class act and city officials do not seem seriously concerned that the project will not be well thought out and all the residents and city leader’s concerns addressed.

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Bluegill Lunch at the Elk in Elkhorn

To die for…bluegill lunch at the Elk in Elkhorn…Wednesdays and Fridays..10 bucks!

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