Along the path to evil there is a progression from right to wrong, from legal to illegal, from selective enforcement to prosecution of bogus charges, and even on to the planting of evidence and false accusations.
For example: is it right for the city to tell people that they are adding the fire protection fee to the water bill, but then fail to explain to residents why they are doing it?

Yes, and No.

Yes, they are doing their representative duty, however, everything becomes wrong when they say that they are transferring the charges from property taxes to the water bill, because they are not transferring the charges from the property tax to the water bill. They are transferring it from a city responsibility to pay, to a water user’s responsibility to pay, and then pocketing the difference.

This may be legal but it is not right! Neither doing it, nor trying to explain it in such as way as to hide what’s happening. The road fund must be kept in a separate account, and a TIF district must be closed when enough money has been collected to fund all the proposed projects. That is covered by state laws that the city ignores. When brought to the attention of Walworth County, the county elects not to enforce the law, or prosecute the violation. Their rationale is “if the city council approves it, then it is “OK, because they represent the will of the people.” Of course that is bunk, and with this selective enforcement of state laws, the county has deemed the city council above state laws, and immune to prosecution for violating them.

When the city wants to get rid of someone, or the city gets caught and needs a scape goat, they have someone file a complaint, make accusations, get an investigation started, get charges filed, and run up legal costs for the accused. Eventually a court, or out of court, settlement is reached, and what really went on gets buried. Does this really happen? Of course it does. It was done to cover the library credit card scandal that infected every city department, but there was only one scape goat who served no time and never paid back what was taken. It was done to four aldermen to get rid of them by accusing them of an open meeting violation; it was done to Ron Carstensen to make him a scape goat, to get rid of him and bury the salt issue. It is now being done with, and to, the city’s current police chief.

Is it just an odd coincidence that some of those who are on the police and fire commission, and who were involved in these earlier events, are the same people involved in deciding the fate of Lake Geneva’s straight, upright, former-Marine Chief of Police today?
There’s the history, there’s the pattern, you answer that last question for yourself.


Rock on!

Rock Fan at Bobby Rockets

The new rock group did what rock groups do last Saturday night
out on Highway 36 at Bobby Rockets. The overpacked placed was
loud, wild and loads of fun. You should have been there. She was.

LevRage the impressive new metal core rock and roll band, from the local area, filled Bobby Rockets Nightclub (out Highway 36 toward Burlington) with

family, friends, and fans for a live show and premiere of its first music video called Pushing Resistance. With so much support and talent this band is destined to go far. The resident working Hollywood special effects coordinator, Dieter Sturm, also had a big night as this was his directing debut. The GSR was pleased and honored for the invit, and wish Dieter and the band well. It was a wonderful release and party.



What do you mean “we” White man?

Wisconsinites long ago conquered the Indian tribes surrounding Lake Geneva. Wisconsin conquerors were kind enough to keep a few Indian names for things, like BigFoot Beach, so that surviving generations of Indians would know that they got Mukluks at ShooShosbeat. But the Indians weren’t beaten back for all time. They are back. They went into gambling, souvenirs, and now shoe wear; and they came back in quality. No matter how much you’ve lost at an Indian casino, probably a lot, you had a good time for your money. And who can argue with these wonderful beads they string to decorate otherwise boring junk? And this leather footwear, coming out of the Manitoba tribe up in Canada? Fine stuff at decent prices. It is sure a great thing that the folks who moved into the lands abounding around Lake Geneva didn’t really beat the Indians for all time. The survivors, and their wonderful crafts, are very welcome, due to their high quality, and are truly native to all of America. Following the trunk show held last Friday at Sho Shoo, the store is now handling Manitoba mukluks and more.


Chuck the Turkey Lake Geneva

Chuck. This turkey may be found walking about every day on Highway P outside of Delavan, blissfully unaware that turkey is America’s favorite Thanksgiving meal and Thanksgiving is on the 26th of November. Chuck wears his nametag on his right wing because he can’t talk. Governor Scott Walker would have pardoned Chuck but the governor has yet to get over the shock of being slowly forgotten as a presidential candidate last month. It is hoped by the locals around Delavan that President Obama will step in while there’s still time left and give Chuck a federal pass.


Last Wednesday night, a Geneva Shore Report X-Files investigator heard a scraping at the door.

It was a lost dog, at ten-thirty, in the dead of night. The dog, no doubt being a cut above the normal canine variety, had somehow read about the policy in force at the GSR wherein all stray animals are taken in, lost animals sought out, and helpless creatures welcomed. The dog stayed the night, taking in an unlimited supply of peanut butter biscuits and water. The next day the dog was taken to the animal hospital where he was reunited with his family. The hospital would not agree to release the dog’s name, or who the dog’s family was. But another poor lost character got home, and it feels good to be a part of an organization that promotes and endorses taking such care. If you happen to be a lost animal during the holidays, possibly too inebriated to find your way home, then just knock on the door of any member of the GSR staff and you will be watered, fed peanut butter biscuits, and taken to the animal hospital. The hospital won’t release your name the next day, or who your family is either.

Lost Dog Lake Geneva

The lost dog about to go back out into the world through the efforts of an unnamed Geneva Shore Report X-Files investigator. If you are lost and have no place to go (and look as neat as this character) then get out your cell phone and find a staff member of the paper to visit. Happy Thanksgiving. Most of the staff of the paper have actual documents declaring them sane upon release from whatever ‘adult time out’ institution they were in, which is more than most regular citizens can say or prove.



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