The magic people are coming!
A Big city magic show comes to little town Lake Geneva. The famous illusionist Tristan Crist, although a local man having graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, performed for years with the internationally known and honored magic troupe called the Pendragons. He’s traveled the world, making a specialty of levitation, only to return to Lake Geneva to perform his own magic show. Mr. Crist is going places, and it would behoove you, and especially your children and grandchildren, to take in his show while he’s still here. Thirty-five dollars is a small price to pay for this kind of entertainment. Go to and get a ticket, or two, or three, or four.

Tristan Crist and his able assistant Shannon. The brand new Lake Geneva Tristan Crist Magic Theater is off the ground and accepting reservations for its first show at 609 Main Street right across from the Lake Geneva Museum and next door to Lollipops on December 10, 2015. Tickets are only $35.00 front row! The GSR is filling that row on Saturday night hoping to be selected to be cut in half or even more parts.

Did the Lake Geneva Development Corporation steal the Traver Hotel?
Did Dan Draper, Jim Connor and the Lake Geneva Development Company conspire to rig the sheriff’s sale of the Traver Hotel in a secret session? That’s the rumor, as the development company acquired the property for a very low purchase price at an auction where apparently nobody else showed up because nobody knew about it.
Was the sheriff’s department involved in this scam?
Was the plan to deny the foreclosure paper holders the best price, and throw the sale to a strange division of Lake Geneva’s administration that nobody understands?

 The distillery is coming and the Geneva Java Coffee Shop is getting ready for them. The new distillery/brewery is going into the building which once housed Boatyard Bagel, along with Bona’s little restaurant. Bona’s was given its one week walking papers when the new outfit took over ownership of the building, formerly owned by Mike Kocourek. The Geneva Java is watching closely to see if the distillery can get around the Wisconsin laws regarding the serving of hard booze. It seems that in Wisconsin if you brew your own stuff on site, and then sell it only on site, you don’t have to purchase an existing liquor license which runs about a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The fees are minimal to state and city.

Whiskey Still

So the Java has purchased a still. They are waiting. They have also purchased some surplus canvas army tents, in order to build a surgeon’s quarters in a back corner that mimics the one presented so invitingly on the television series called M.A.S.H. On the show Trapper and his fellow surgeons drank martinis all the time, which only made sense back in the sixties. Times have changed, and regulations regarding alcohol are more stringent these days, so the Java is not going to permit anyone drinking in the tent to engage in surgery for at least four hours after drinking. Ken Robers, the Lake Geneva Building Inspector, is being offered free martinis for life, too, if he overlooks certain things about this coming arrangement. Although the rules about surgery will apply to him too.


More Little Gems


Suzie at Home Goods Lake Geneva WI

Suzie not having her photo taken by unknown and uncredited X-Files investigators of the GSR (who escaped immediately thereafter). Suzie was waiting for approval of her Home Goods Regional Manager to approve of her having her photo taken. Instead of waiting, the X-Files investigators used the authority of the U.S. Constitution and snapped the shot anyway. Home Goods is cool and so is Suzie. She is the manager there.

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