Gasoline is a brutally harsh, energy rich substance made up of things so poisonous that taking in one lung full of the vapor kills your average human being pretty quickly.
Stealing gasoline, as is going on right now in our community, and most probably the county, state, and nation, could be more of a benefit than anyone might say. But theft is something the American culture abhors, and to have it performed by trusted purveyors living right down the street is perceived as outrageous. The investigation into stations’ stealing from customers by selling short gallons continues.

The Geneva Shore Report has been flooded by requests to reveal the identity of the one gas station singled out last week. The GSR has declined, and will continue to do so, until the results of the investigation into all area stations is complete. Station owners have called in to complain about such things as the impact of how much gas remains in the hose after one customer pumps, and how that affects volume. Complaints have also rolled in about the informal plastic container used to measure the first batch, and the misstatement of $3.49 a gallon when the report should have used the correct $2.49 a gallon. That this issue of the GSR has proven to be the most popular of all issues in the GSR’s existence was, and is, hard to believe. There appear to be some things the community is really interested in, and the fair or unfair pricing of gasoline is definitely one of them.

This study was first undertaken in Madison, Wisconsin back in the mid-nineties. Every station back then was found to be shorting customers. The Madison newspaper published the amateur results, and the person who submitted the story was sued by the named gas stations. The gas stations, of course, had all rushed to reset their machines. In Madison the study found that the more expensive the gasoline, the less the station cut the gallon measure short. In the Lake Geneva area, although the GSR will not release the name of the first station tested (yet), the GSR is reporting that the most expensive premium fuel around the lake (served up at Sentry in Walworth) delivers three percent MORE than a gallon for every gallon pumped. Before you rush over there, please respect the fact that that grocery store station charges a dollar and ten cents a gallon more for its premium fuel, which is just short of highway robbery.

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