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The stop lights going in over on Highway 120 Bloomfield Road.
You know this intersection because it’s close to the Melges Car Wash, and not far from the Lutheran Church on 120. Bloomfield road gets a lot of traffic from locals taking the ‘shortcut’ to get to Highway 50 by moving north on 120 and then turning east onto Bloomfield road. Even though the speed limit on that stretch, all the way to 50 is only 45 MPH, it’s so much shorter than the 55 MPH limit on 50 makes no difference. And there’s little enforcement on Bloomfield Road, which is a really good thing. Anyway, the $75,000.00 that’s needed for four-way signals is being sought from the county and the state, with maybe a few bucks thrown in by the Town of Bloomfield, since the road does run across Bloomfield land.

The busy intersection on 120/Edwards Boulevard and Bloomfield Road is currently under investigation for approval. The Walworth County Traffic Safety Commission unanimously agreed to request that the State Highway Planners conduct surveys to determine whether or not installing stop lights at the intersection is necessary. The cost of a four-way stop light is no drop in the bucket, but if it would likely prevent a number of accidents (potentially resulting either in injuries or death). The intersection is heavily traveled, with both the Badger Middle School and High School located near there, and many of the drivers are new to the road. This intersection has been the scene of several crashes, and a significant number of near crashes. This area is very busy at times with the schools so near, and it is likely to get even busier with new homes at Symphony Bay, and a new church under construction. A few years ago, this issue was discussed, but at that time the State Highway Planners determined that stop lights were not necessary. Many residents are hoping for a different outcome this time.

Person of the Week

Brent Christiansen Ice Castle

Brent Christiansen, Ice Castles creator from Utah, takes his interest in ice sculpture around the world, creating beautiful, fun, play grounds like his Ice Castles. Brent says creating the work is like doing a dance with Mother Nature. Watch for Brent and his team, as they bring a huge ice castle to the Riviera Beach this winter. www.icecastles.com.

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