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BID money comes from a tax on the downtown businesses. 

Who’s running the Business Improvement District?

Mike Kocourek Lake Geneva

Mike Kocourek, one of the neatest and best businessmen in Lake Geneva,

His name is Mike Kocourek, one of Lake Geneva’s largest business property owners, and a man with a vital interest in the considerations given to business’ in the city. He works to see that they are catered to in the best imaginable, and yet most affordable way. He’s mad right now. He’s mad that the highest paid actor in the great Lake Geneva production of small town life, the director of the Lake Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce recently took credit for putting on Octoberfest 2016. The Chamber had nothing at all to do with this year’s Octoberfest. It was all BID, all the way. That ‘other’ newspaper in Lake Geneva published an interview with the chamber’s director in which he took credit for Octoberfest. They also published a story later on misspelling Mike’s name. That ticked him off too.

An expected response, of course, but when coupled with the prior story, even worse. Mike takes a look at the current (BID) budget and sees it lacks details: The cost for flowers has been about $20,000 and another $20,000 for watering them. They should list the number of baskets (about 100), and the cost per basket (estimate $200 each and another $200 each to water them), which leaves $45,000 for holiday decorations.

Here’s the BID budget in simple numbers, easy to read but not necessarily easy to understand:



  1. Flowers, hanging baskets, holiday decorations $ 85,000
  2. Light poles, benches, planters $ 15,000
  3. Sidewalk cleaning $ 12,000
  4. Audit $ 1,500
  5. Contingency, Administrative $ 4,000
  6. Business Recruitment $ 2,000
  7. Advertising, Events, Event Coordination $ 79,500

TOTAL: $199,000

Mike Kocourek is a class act. The city council passed the BID budget. Let’s see how he handles that budget to help small business succeed in the downtown area. As Mike succeeds, look for the head of the Lake Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce (which it’s rumored includes parts of Florida and Alaska in its ‘area’) to no doubt step in to be interviewed, and take credit.


“Utah” Blaine Oborn, Lake Geneva’s lone gunfighter for the common man, waits patiently at the saloon doors.
Who’s his fight with? AT&T. It seems that this monster octopus of a communications company has been promising to come and finish working on the wiring being put in alongside of the expansion of Highway 50 (running from the Main Street Bridge all the way up to the top of Catholic Hill) that is being dug in and installed. AT&T has been lying. Really? They’ve been promising to come and then have not showed up. Soon the weather will change to the point where the whole road project must be put off until the spring of next year. Gunfighter Blaine is not spewing forth expressions of anger or rage. No, he gets madder than that. Stand by AT&T, to step out into that street and get ready to draw.

Barrel Race and Pole Bending Classic was a success.
The Geneva Shore report was happy to be a part of the exciting activity out at Walworth County Fairgrounds this past weekend. It definitely Trumped the Republican rally held on Saturday. The young lady who organized is our Grandest Person this week.

Heidi Jo Dawson



Heidi Jo Dawson Elkhorn WI

Heidi Jo Dawson has brought the much needed unconventional, and inexpensive family entertainment to the community. Heidi hosts barrel racing and pole bending competitions and the GSR X-File Investigators feel it is important for kids to get a closer look at the fun side of agriculture for upcoming events go to:

Fun Videos of the Barrel Race

The Annoucer, Chuck Bartok and his Thoughts

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