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How long can the government prohibit the right to assemble, keep the stadiums empty, silence the concerts, shut down rallies and public gatherings, and keep most people in a 6 f00t separation quarantine, before everyone and everything is permanently changed?
The answer is that society started to permanently change by a few people on day one, and that number has continued to increase every day for the last 6 months. If it continues, then, somewhere around the one year mark, it will likely have changed virtually everyone’s perspective, if not life’s physical conduct and acts.

Prior to the fear of COVID19, there was little concern or worry about being in or part of a crowd. In fact, people looked forward to being part of gatherings, both large and small; whereas now, there is a fear of being in or around any gathering. Being part of a cheering crowd, or even a somber crowd at a stadium is emotionally uplifting because, for a moment, everyone shares a common emotion and knows they are not alone. We share the experience of the moment as one, whether it is a moment of joy or sorrow, a victory or a defeat, we are one. The same feeling of oneness occurs between friends when they meet and the emotion of one is felt and experienced by the others. The mask covers the expression of the mouth which is a spontaneous communication of recognition and friendship; whereas, the mask replaces it with a grim reminder of the virus, our isolation, the 6 feet separation, and a very real fear of others, who may be infected.

Nothing else since the civil war has divided and separated American citizens from one another destroyed so many businesses, unemployed so many, and done as much damage to the American Spirit as the Coronavirus, and the nation’s reaction to it over the last 6 months. Preventive action is doing more harm than the virus. Yes, the Coronavirus is serious and there are 1,000 people dying every day in the U.S. from that Coronavirus, but every day in the U.S. there are also 1,700 dying from heart disease, 1,500 dying from cancer, and 3,700 dying from other causes not related to the coronavirus. The country doesn’t shut down everything for them. Furthermore, most (90%) of those who die from the Coronavirus have other underlying conditions (without which they may not have died) but those contributing causes are not listed as the cause of death, only the Coronavirus.

There is no “alone together,” we are either “alone” or we are “together”. There is only one cure for one’s aloneness, and the destructive harm that it does, and that cure is getting together and being with other people and enjoying life without fear, constant apprehension, spurious concerns, or undue worry.


Tom Earle, Lake Geneva’s Director of Public Works, is he a bit over-extended?
Tom Earle, the head of the Lake Geneva Public Works and Street Department, warns city officials that some current jobs and services may be put on hold because of the recently added duties put on the department. The city should be prepared for the possibility of a request for additional funds. Earle believes the department is already doing more than the staff and equipment can handle with the time and money it has and will need more manpower and more money. The current duties of public works include; spring and fall brush clean up, grass, and weed mowing, sidewalk, driveway, and street snow removal, hydrant flushing, garbage collection, tree trimming, planting, and other odds and ends that need to be done. Recently more duties have been added to the public works plate, as more housing and development take place and then throw a few storms in the mix and there is always something that needs to be done, almost twenty-four hours a day. Of course, with more housing and development that should equal more taxes, and that should accommodate the increase in personnel and funding for the city service departments. This is not always the case, and public works is feeling the stress and pressure city officials are putting on it.

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Debs Country Cafe Darien WI

Deb’s Country Cafe is a great local diner in Darien. Stop in to meet the friendly staff and amazing homemade food.


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