Colton spoke! Little Colton continues to fight for his life.
Colton Lazzeroni was born with heart issues and spent most of his first year of life at Children’s Hospital and has had numerous procedures and multiple open-heart surgeries and is waiting on a heart transplant. This little boy has inspired so many with his loving spirit and his enthusiasm for life. Colton is a typical boy who loves his family, his friends, and his passion for music cannot be accurately described here.

The community has fallen for this little boy and fundraisers have been ongoing. The most recent was held at the House of Music, which was perfectly titled “We Walk the Line for Colton” and Colton really likes Johnny Cash, so his approval and support were obvious and joyously expressed. Colton has endured more than most can imagine, experiencing, as of right now, he remains in the hospital and has been there for several months. The need for a heart transplant is apparent and that costs money, and fundraising is an ongoing battle. The need for financial assistance is great but not the only hurdle Colton has in front of him.

He must be in stable health, which in his situation is not always the situation. With, every little accomplishment is a ray of hope and most recently Colton spoke for the first time in months! Oh, happy day for Colton and his family! If things continue to improve little Colton will be watching the Brewers in the playoffs and singing along to his favorite Johnny Cash songs. Colton needs the stars to line up and that is what we are praying for. If you want to donate, go to Colton’s Big Heart Fund at Gofundme then please do so.


Discussion/recommendation regarding the possible annexation of various unincorporated areas within and around the city of Lake Geneva.
This issue is all about the northern part of Center Street, which is owned by the Town of Geneva with the only entrance and exit into the Stoneridge neighborhood, which is amazingly part of the City of Lake Geneva.  It is the part everyone has been talking about, the one with the ‘speed bumps from hell’.

Well, the council met and discussed the possible annexation of some of the Town of Geneva, but then that idea was put to rest. The idea is a long shot and quite costly as well. This leaves the city with brutal speed bumps that the residents are not happy about. With fall here, the speed bumps are due to be removed. The Town of Geneva had originally planned for them to come out for the winter months and returned in spring if the speeding continued. The residents are hoping for the best and that their cars can endure a little longer without too much damage.

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Luna is a beautiful friendly local pooch, and her humans aren’t so bad.

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